Schwab Panther Table


      Rarely do you see a design duo with such a focused vision. These guys are the masters of 3/8″ dia. powder coated tube steel. I would go so far as saying their work surpasses the Eileen Grey table of the early 20th Century.   PROJECTS.

Contain Me Shelving System

contain me shelving system

          This is a really sleek and simple shelving system that does a wonderful job hiding all of your chords. It’s one of those designs that I just want to steal. basically, it’s a vertical wood spine with enough depth to hide all kinds of wires and stuff. on this spine […]

nicola zocca: shrink furniture

shrink chair

      This is a genius furniture concept. All the joints are heat shrunk to the wood members to form a perfect joint. : nicola zocca.

a chair i love

i’ve been prottyping in steel lately, and this chair was an inspiration. NY DESIGN WEEK 2011: NOHO DESIGN DISTRICT – Rich, Brilliant, Willing at Partners & Spade – Rich, Brilliant, Willing. – Core77.

Remy van Oers – More Than Just Reading Furniture

Just a straight ahead simple design. I love the square baseball stitch seams which are durable. My Eames lounge chair can’t hold one damn book! I might have to make a trade-in. sub-studio design blog: Remy van Oers – Reading Furniture.

Flux Chair: I want to love it, but I don’t

The Flux chair is a very compact chair that is extremely light and can be folded flat for easy storage. It comes in a number of colors and is pretty snappy looking. But it’s a bit of a novelty or a gimmick. I can’t get over the fact that rarely would anyone want to unfold […]

Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt for Böwer

  Now that I’ve spent the last five years writing about design, I’ve sort-of gotten tired of covering the straight ahead modernist pieces, but this is one of those pieces of furniture that is so sharp that you get cut just looking at it. Now if I had a few Gs… Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt […]

Slope Sofa by Council

3 years ago, my wife and I had a child. Since then my design blog has suffered from neglect. Today, I hope to end this. But I’m starting out slowly with a quick post from one of the great American furniture companies: Council. In May, they came out with a collection that I hope will […]

Table garden brings new perception to the dining table.

I saw this at Yatzer, and I really appreciated the above piece for where it brought my imagination.  The piece by metal garden furniture DeCastelli is not meant to be a dining table, I don’t think. I think it’s meant as pure vision of landscape on a miniature scale. But it occurred to me that […]

QLOCKTWO: everyone else posted this, why not me?

I really don’t think anyone goes out looking for a clock anymore. So, to realy differentiate yourself in the time telling business you have to make something like qlocktwo. it uses this weird letter matrix to spell out the time in five minute intervals. And it does this at the low price of twelve hundred […]