Bowery Furniture


I’ve forgotten the name of this fabulous little furniture spot, but think Amish craftsmanship, walnut, sort of a chunkier ’50s chic.

Future Perfect


The Future Perfect is the NYC interior designer’s store of choice. Let’s start by saying I love the store. But as much as I love it, it’s not my favorite store. However, I’ve found that anyone I ask what store I should go to while I’m in town they say “The Future Perfect”. There are […]

Green furniture in NOHO NYC


This store is one of dozens in NOHO involved in the Design Week here in NYC. The store is called environment. They focus on recycled wares, and the coolest pieces in the store are the sofas upholstered with old army tents. Beyond the fantastic tent wares, there is a fantastic little exhibition of objects. I’m […]

Cool bed spread in the Bowery


This is a traditional Amish quilt which I saw on a very beautiful walnut bed on Bowery near Bond street. I believe they call this area NOHO for north of Houston Street. Neighborhood branding is the pastime here.

Desk by Janua

Desk by Janua

  Janua is a furniture brand I’ve never known until I started exploring this year’s IMM Cologne which happened this week. The collection is quite hard to pin down. Every piece feels familiar, but different. Every piece feels as light as air but also substantially hefty. I don’t know where to place the brand in […]

SIde Furniture Unit by Richard Lampert

Side Furniture Unit by Richard Lampert

  This blog will see much more work by Richard Lampert. The collections of furniture are so deep and so thoughtful that just having this one piece does nothing to show the range of beautiful work. I choose this piece, frankly, because I need a piece like this in my house right now. I need […]

silver edition by Bordbar

silver edition |

  Looking for that certain something to set off your airline themed party? Look no further than the beautifully detailed and rugged silver addition food and drink carts by bordbar. Sure, their made for airlines. But, Bordbar also sells them to the public. They are a bit spendy, but I know if I lived in […]

Bamby Chair

Bamby Chair

There are very few inanimate objects that I thought I might want to make love to This could very well be one of those objects. It has this nimble doe-like quality to it that screams touch me. At the same time, this chair has got solid hips that gives you something to hold on to. […]

buddy table by bao-nghi droste design

bao-nghi droste design

Buddy Table is iconic and beautiful because it’s so simple. Just three tapered ash posts and a powder coated aluminum bowl. I like this piece because it’s minimal form seems effortless but the piece must have been quite complex to construct. bao-nghi droste design.



      First, let me state that I don’t speak French, which means I probably have no idea what the original concept for these series of pieces are. But I love the pieces all the same. They are primitive, heavy, chunky pieces which make up a kitchen suite. In this suite, we have chairs […]