Conversation Chair by Ana Linares

Ana Linares is a freshly graduated designer who went to Pratt in New York. But even though she is fresh out of school, she has a number of competent designs under her belt, the most exciting of which is the Conversation Chair. This chair is one of those pieces that is almost an instant classic […]

Historic Modernism: Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Why do Italian furniture makers make American furniture makers look like fools? That’s not really what I think, but that was my gut reaction when I first saw the Star Trek chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. It is, as you see […]

Loft Changer by Netto Collection: The Killer App For New Parents

From time to time, I like to feature some products from my sponsors, and 2Modern’s stuff is just so good to resist. I’ve personally focused on browsing the awesome selection of baby furniture and accessories because my wife and I are weeks away from having our first child. And what could be more perfect than […]

The Flamenco Chair

Here is an item that I think breached a curatorial focus in me, and I’ve decided to show it anyway. It does not seem terribly innovative. It’s not particularly clever. It doesn’t use materials in a striking and unexpected way. Really, the only reason I have shown this chair, the Flamenco Chair, is because I […]

Storage Shelving by Francois Bauchet for Galerie Kreo

Travel Tip: If you take a visit to Paris any time soon, then I urge you to stop by the Galerie Kreo not far from the Place d’Italie. I’ve always wanted to live in a place where well designed objects are exhibited in a gallery setting. OK, some may argue that IKEA fits that definition. […]

Saanen Table by Philippe Cramer

I will file this wood and clear acrylic coffee table in my YANRO file. YANRO, of course, stands for Yet Another Noguchi Rip Off.  If you’re wondering who Noguchi is and don’t care then please leave this site immediately and don’t come back. If you’ve heard your high-brow friends throw Isamu Noguchi’s name around at […]

When a Chair Becomes a Light

This post comes via Moco Loco. It’s a baroque chair re-purposed as a piece of neon art. The chair is striking, straightforward, iconic, classic, and fresh at the same time. The designer Lee Broom, is a baby faced kid, with a big career ahead of him. I’m excited to see what happens next. BTW, Mr. […]

Home Defense Made Easy

This table design has made the rounds, but it’s just smart enough to become a phenomenon: The Safe Bedside Table is a brilliant combination of modernist side table and billy club and shield. I originally found this post at Oh! Gizmo, then at TreeHugger, then at Spluch, and finally at its source: James McAdam (the […]

Thursday Props: Dutch by Design

A reader sent me this link some time ago, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve not published this yet. It’s a link to DutchByDesign, a very well curated online design shop. I’ve actually visited the site many times looking for just the right gifts. This site has something for everyone… that is, something for everyone who […]

Nature V2.0: A Chair for the Twisted Nature Lover

Last week, I reported on a piece of furniture that was an update on the log. The update, by Draw Me a Sheep, made the log into a square shape which is quite a convenient shape. But what if trees grew vertically in a boomerang shape? Damn, that would make a sweet lounge chair! Any […]