Spring-Summer 2007 Collection by Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell  gives me hope for my ability to be a man in casual and graceful clothing that don’t involve one of maybe four brands. There are just not that many designs available for guys out there. O maybe I’m just a picky bitch. Probably the latter. Regardless, I like Mr. Ervell’s collection. It makes […]

Razor Blade Pendant by Arash and Kelly

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of NIKE shoes. So, when I saw this pendant available at the Arash and Kelly design store, I just had to have it. It’s a pendant using the (most likely) trademarked NIKE phrase, “Just Do It”. A Phrase NIKE has used for years as a call to […]

Jacket from Spring 2007 Collection by Jurgen Oeltjenbruns

Don’t ask me to pronounce his name is the first thing that came to mind when I first saw the work of Jurgen Oeltjenbruns. Fortunately for me, blogs are a print media, so no pronunciation required. Once you get past the highly unmarketable name you hit the most important men’s fashion designer out there: Jurgen […]

Spring 2007 Collection by Y and Kei

Y and Kei are a Korea base design duo with offices in New York who’s 2007 Spring collection astounds me. Their work is permeated with white and a shimmering tan. The overall concept is casual as if the models were walking along a beach boardwalk enjoying the summery breeze. I’ve been looking at several collections […]

Smoking Mitten by Tobias Wong

Tobias Wong, one of the most prolific and innovative designers I know, created this mitten way back in 2004, but I just had to include this today because the concept is as strong as ever, and I guess I just think it’s funny. Anyone who lives in a cold weather location, and likes to smoke […]

Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses

Ah Prada. I remember several years ago when I bought my first fake pair of Prada shoes. They had all the details including (and most importantly)  the characteristic red stripe on the back for gawkers to see. They were beautiful in a plastic-smelling, exploited Chinese worker sort of way, but no one suspected they were […]

2007 Collection by Bruno Frisoni

Bruno Frisoni brings to mind: extreme high heels.  Now, I live in San Francisco. In the Mission District to be exact. And if any of you know the Mission, especially around the area of the New College, you would know that a woman would probably get  scoffed at for wearing such a shoe as a […]

2007 Collection by Samantha Pleet

Samantha Pleet is a young Brooklyn based designer fresh out of school just last year. Despite her young age, or maybe because of it, Ms. Pleet has produced an extremely competent and thoughtful collection. The color palette for her 2007 collection are muted greys and blacks with accents of red. It’s very unfortunate that my […]

Brand Crack: With Love. Hillary Duff

From Sephora’s Website: “With Love�Hilary Duff is an expression of love in all its forms and dimensions: the unconditional love of family, the generosity of friendship, and the breathtaking excitement of romance. Exotic fruits add an intriguing sparkle to the rich woods and sultry ambers of this effervescent, oriental fragrance.” OK. I really want to […]

Diorette Collection by Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane is the queen of enamel and jewels, and her new Diorette collection for Dior shows off her skills better than ever. The rings are huge, bold, chunky. It’s like wearing a little forest on your finger. All this is topped on a white or yellow gold band of exquisite quality. The rings […]