Matrix LED Watch by Element Design

Element Design, a Vienna Based Duo established in 2002, has created one of the only watches I’ve really desired in years. The watch is called the Matrix and it’s designed for Zeon, the top manufacturer of retro styled LED watches. I’m attracted to the Matrix LED watch for its simplicity. It’s just a leather band […]

Brand Crack: The Louis Vuitton $42,000 Handbag

Maybe I watch too much crappy television? I don’t know. But, I was watching the Preview Channel – you know, the channel that scrolls the TV guide at the bottom while washed up child actors talk celebrity gossip- the other day when the woman on the show started barking on and on about Louis Vuitton’s […]

Puma: The Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be Dr. Frankenstein? That is, have you ever wanted to concoct your own personal version of something you care about only to have to turn into a horrible monster? Well that’s kind of what it feels like when I recently visited Puma’s incredible Mongolian Shoe BBQ website […]

Rhombuswear Binary Shirt

Are you a geek in need of clothing? Here’s an excellent option from Rhombuswear. It’s a shirt completely covered in ones and zeros, or the binary code for those in the know (BTW, click on the image to get a better look). This shirt, and an extremely competent first collection beyond this shirt, is the […]

Bags by Marielle Wichards

The bags by Marielle Wichards are perfect in their simplicity. The essence of the design is a it’s flatness. It is made of two to three strips of leather dyed to an intense color and sewn in a simple pattern which keeps the bag fairly flat. Each bag has two punched holes about three quarters […]

Concrete and Steel Ring by Konzuk

Konzuk, a Canadian jewelry design firm, makes rings unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Their material choice is simple using primarily stainless steel and concrete. Wait, concrete? For a ring? No doubt, a great deal of experimentation was performed to make concrete an essential ingredient in their rings. The effect, as you can see in […]

Stiletto by Alexander McQueen

This shoe from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2007 collection is the most graceful interpretations of where sneaker meets stiletto that I have seen. I can’t even really trace when or where the trend started happening, but none of that matters anymore since this shoe became available. The shoe is even more of an amalgamation of sneaker […]

Summer 2007 Shoe Collection Pierre Hardy

Pssst. Hey Shoe Fetishists. Here’s another shoe for the collection. Quite honestly, this is probably the most conservative shoe of Pierre Hardy’s 2007 collection. When I look at this shoe, my mind wanders into a stylized Jane Austin movie where there are lots of scenes of petticoats and steam trains, but for some reason the […]

A New Shoe Paradigm: Skins Footwear

Skins Footwear is a novel concept: separate the skin of the shoe from the structure of the shoe. This separation allows for a couple of really innovative advantages to the consumer. First, it creates a more economical way to mix and match your shoes by moving the structure from one skin to the next. As […]

Doctor Bag by Doshi Levien

Doshi Levien is a young London design duo with a small collection of product designs under their belt. But, given a few years to develop their portfolio, they will have a great future in design. Why? because of simple products like the doctor bag. There’s nothing much to the Doctor Bag, but simplicity is a […]