Cesare Paciotti 2007 Camo Platform Shoe

Just when you thought camouflage was dead and buried here comes a shoe by Cesare Paciotti that will raise the bar on all future camo usage. This patent leather pump ain’t seeing any combat… that is unless it’s consensual. I dare you to check out their site. I love women’s shoes, but I love weird […]

Boom Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag is a prototype by Gro Design that combines two great accessories into an awesome final concept. It’s one part purse and one part portable iPod stereo. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?!…Hey, pass me that bong, dude” moments in product design. If you look at most portable iPod […]

Jackets by Moncler

I think that I had originally meant to write about this jacket about six months ago. I saw it in a magazine, so I just bookmarked it to follow up later. OK, now that it’s Spring, I’ve decided to do some spring cleaning and clear the boards of all these posts that I’ve started. This […]

Wedding Pills by Ted Noten

Ted Noten has been featured a couple of other times on this blog for his humorous conceptual products, so when I saw his latest creation on NOTCOT, wedding pills, I knew I had to include these objects. The objects are simple. They are two solid gold pills that are ingested during the wedding ritual in […]

Smittens by Wendy Feller

I’ve been combing through the latest ID Magazine and I’ve found a number of pieces that were extremely compelling. One of my favorites is Smittens by Wendy Feller. They couldn’t be more aptly named. These are mittens for couples who are smitten (sorry for the obvious observation). This seems like such unique novelty design at […]

Bracelet by Pinel and Pinel

Frederic Pinel has brought us many different fantastic products from his Paris design studio, the latest of which is the current special issue bracelet. His mode of operation, if I’m not mistaken, is to take to the streets to see what the youngsters are doing, and then re-interpret a piece for his collection. His recent […]

Margaret Howell Spring / Summer 2007

Margaret Howell provides the highest style in the vein of a genre where the only term that comes to mind is preppy. All of her Spring/Summer ’07 collection seems directly inspired by either a croquet game if all the players were characters from the O.C. (the O.C. is an American TV show full of young, […]

Text Ring by Anne-Christin Schubert

This is one of the most brilliant ring ideas I’ve recently seen. The Text Ring by Anne-Christin Schubert is what I would call one of those transformative designs. If you wear this ring long enough, especially if you are somewhere sunny, you will get a mini-tatoo of the letters in the ring where the sun […]

Hogan Men’s Shoes 2007

Hogan Shoes are one of the few shoe designs that seem to have bridged the gap between sporty walking shoe and semi-formalish work shoe. OK, maybe they fall a bit more on the sporty tip, but if you must, drop a line to your boss that your Hogans probably cost as much as his stuffy […]

Brand Crack: Frank Gehry Fold Ring for Tiffany

Mr. Gehry! Why did you not take up ring design before I got married? I really have no reason to buy one of the Frank Gehry designed rings by Tiffany. I only need one. I’ve always thought that guys wearing more than one ring usually wore polyester suits or needed occasional back waxing. You know […]