Dior rekindles a Japanese flair with their Samourai 1947 handbag

This bag is soooo old news. However, The Dior Samourai 1947 handbag is still one of my favorites even though Dior has probably gone on to market bigger and better pieces. This handmade gem by Dior is nothing less than a work of art. The handbag comes in a variety of colors, but I like […]

Salvatore Ferragamo White Pump with Mosaic Heal: A Break from Tradition

I have been contemplating giving who I am and everything I do in life a catchy tag line that will help an audience identify with me. Design Crack, as of yet, has no tag line. It pretty much explains itself, I think, with the mental visual of a design object that is irresistibly addictive- thus, […]

Emilio Pucci Wood Clutch Purse: Modern Art as Fashion Accessory

Now that another fashion week in New York has passed, all my future fashion posts for the next several weeks are going to be old news. So, if you really want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, then this may be the wrong blog. If, however, you are simply in the mood […]

Funky Shoe: Peu by Camper

I only include this shoe on the site for Camper’s design innovation concerning it’s shoe string. The name of the shoe is Peu and it has that characteristic Camper look. But the shoe is just so much easier to put on with its one elastic shoe string, that it makes me wonder why shoes have […]

The Dosh All-Polymer Wallet Doesn’t Leave You All Wet

A couple of weeks ago, Dosh sent me an anoucment to me. I spent some time on the site, and I must admit that I really like the wallet. The designers of the product have developed a clear and compelling site to promote their product which I think on its own might have been overlooked. […]

Sunday Prop: A Raf Simons Update Plus Dazed Digital

Kirsti from Dazed Digital has sent me a recent interview of fashion designer, Raf Simons, as a follow up to a post I made a couple of weeks ago on Mr. Simons’ latest collection. The interview is eye opening, and I really enjoyed it, but I must put out a huge complement to Dazed Digital’s […]

Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag: Who knew buffalos could be so chic?

If you live in New York, chances are you have or you soon will see the Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag around town. It’s H-O-T hot. First, let’s talk about the buckle. It’s a really chunky buckle which, to me at least, almost reminds me of the Fendi double buckle bag in the way it […]

Eyeglasses by Sara Eliris for Mikli

Mikli is a glasses company that is not afraid to let their designers experiment. I have chosen to show probably the most conservative piece in their stable of designs. This pair I’m showing above is unique in that it’s clear plastic, but the shape is still defined by the black inlay. I could not find […]

Blue Pyramid Bracelet by Mark Jacobs: Ethereal Superchunky

Have you ever wanted to wear something that looked like it came from an ancient alien civilization?  Your only choices in the past were pretty much either a Halloween costume store, where most of the items are made from some Chinese rubber that smells as if you wore it too long you might get cancer […]

Burberry offers an extremely exciting fall winter 07/08 collection

I’ve increasingly been looking at fashion lately, and call me conservative: I love the Burberry collection for this upcoming season. Burberry, as you may know, was a brand that only catered to preppy Hampton sows for years and years. It ranked up there with Ralph Lauren in yawn factor. Today, Burberry has reinvented itself by […]