NatureToWear by Ldesign

Nature to Wear

  Nature to Wear by L Design is one of those pieces of jewelry that annoys me because the title has got this almost naive irony in that the way the ring is constructed is not natural at all. Extracting metal from the earth is on the highest order of technology that snubs nature over […]

Sruli Recht and Inaisce


Some has come up with a way to market Peter Jackson’s costume designer’s vision for the Hobbit. Sruli Recht and Inaisce.

Plug Rings: The Perfect Wedding Rings?

I like to think so. Yes there is wit, but after further inspection I have to a great attraction to the brass plugs against the silver band. Plug Rings | Design Milk.

Insane Shoes Seen in Milan

Let me set the stage. I love shoes. Maybe it’s because shoes are the most architectural of designs in the fashion world. I don’t know. But if you’ve read my blog, Designcrack, for any length of time you would have seen many examples of women’s shoe excess. I would put this shoe high on the […]

Osloh Jeans: Cycling Becomes Truly Fashionable

i apologize in advance for sending out so many bicycle obsessed links, but i really like how thoughtful these new cycling jeans are. There are so many design decisions made here which advance the cyclist’s sensibilities into actual clothing. Please have a look at the link below, and you will see the various good ideas […]

Stop the Presses! Maison Margiela launches an interior collection

I don’t know if I should be pissed off or in love after reading this post at Wallpaper*. Why should I care? For one, the fashions from Maison Margiela pushes the limits of what I should wear into a mysterious abstract art. Although I feel they rule the edge of excitement in fashion, why is […]

Chanel’s Mattress Bag

I live in the Mission District of San Francisco where there is a great concentration of fleabag hotels. I’ve never stayed in one, but I’ve imagined them in my mind as I walk by them in the morning on my way to the subway. The rooms, I’d imagined, were filled with threadbare furniture and stains […]

meat purse by nancy wu

I read that Nancy Wu is a design student, and I kind of figured as much. Why? Because there are two traits design students always seem to have. First, students are not afraid to go way out there with their experiments. Using a dried meat product as fabric for a purse- check. Second, design students […]

Pursebuckle: A Small Fanny Pack

I’m sorry, but when I first set eyes on the pursebuckle (Get it. It’s a purse and a belt buckle) I immediately thought back to one of my coworkers who still wears a fanny pack. He’s married, so he’s not too worried about attracting the ladies… which he would never do wearing a fanny pack. […]

Konzuk Earings

Years ago, I reported on Konzuk, and now they are just getting better and better. Think minimalist concrete and steel perfection not for your building but for your ear. You will like this if you are a Miesian stylist. Stainless Solid Square Earrings List Price: $90.0 Price: $90.0