Solar Audiobag by Tonylight

Tonylight is an Italian designer who came to my attention through a light fixture he designed that was featured in Wallpaper Magazine. So, of course, I was thinking here’s a refined designer. You know, black turtleneck an all that. But when I checked out his website what I got was a number of hacker art […]

Jawbone by Yves Behar for Aliph

Yves Behar is San Francisco’s rival to someone like London’s Tom Dixon, but arguably more talented and certainly, more versatile. Not to take away from Tom Dixon, but I am from San Francisco, so I may have a bias. Really, the work cannot be compared. Yves Behar and Fuse Project crew derive design from pushing […]

Racetrack Legends Cell Phone by Vertu

OK. Vertu is like an old-school Nokia cell phone from, like, 5 years ago given a nice packaging. Can someone tell me why this is worth over six thousand dollars, please? My first cell phone that has nearly the same technology as the Vertu cost me 20 dollars with a contract. I could have bought […]

Cuckoo Clock by Michael Sans

Michael Sans pushes the boundaries of the pun in his design for a Cuckoo Clock. The Cuckoo (which he claims died of natural causes in 1958, like that matters) is used literally as the armature off which the clock hangs. The bird hangs, spread eagle (or spread cuckoo in this case), nailed to the wall […]

Bottle by Hapo

Hapo is a glassware design firm that lives by a simple mantra: make glassware that is simple, comfortable, and calming as the design firm’s island home of Okinawa. The bottle Hapo has designed obviously captures this. It’s a warm tropical breeze. It’s Jimmy Buffet in glass. It’s not super stodgy.

Bombay Sapphire Martini Glass by Tomek Rygalik

You may remember several months ago that Bombay Sapphire had a competition to redesign the martini glass. Tomek Rygalik was awarded First Prize. The glass is a totally new concept in martini drinking where the stem is held from above. It looks as if it were a splash frozen in a photograph. I also imagine […]

The Little Something by JimmyJane

This is full-on, hardcore design crack. The Little Something is the Lamborghini of vibrators. The concept is quite simply perfection: create an erotic toy that is highly functional, viscerally pleasing, and a highly sought after. It’s functional in that you will never have to buy another vibrator again. It has a patented removable motor that […]

Dell XPS

Object: XPS M2010 Designer: Dell URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $3,000-5,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: The concept is to create a hybrid laptop-desktop computer, and I feel Dell has succeeded at least in aesthetics and convenience. It’s convenient because it has a large 17″ screen and a built-in handle and all the power of […]

Design Wise- Juicy Boobs by Experimenta

This is a piece of kitchenware with many advantages in mind. The juicy boobs play off of man’s natural tendency to want to squeeze a pair of breasts (or at least my natural tendency). Now getting fresh juice is fun! Regardless of the funny name or the seductive shape, the design is well thought out. […]

Flock of Starlings by Quelle Est Belle Company

Object: Flock of Starlings Designer: Quelle Est Belle Company URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $60 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Moss, as you may know is the store in Manhattan’s Soho district that is like a gallery of creativity on crack. I’m sure I will have several more product to show on Design Crack in […]