Lambda Grill by Convoi Design

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Austin, Texas for the South by South West Interactive Media Conference. While I was in Austin, I ate barbecue for half my meals. The other half, I ate Tex Mex. This is what you do in Austin, Texas besides drink beer and listen to some live music. […]

Pandora and Egg by HE and Marcel Wanders

There are a bunch of products I’ve featured by Marcel Wanders in the past. There’s the Microwave with the TV in the door. Then there was the City System Shelving for Mooi. All, beautiful stuff. But this is the first design that I could actually use in my home and could afford to buy. Well […]

Matrix LED Watch by Element Design

Element Design, a Vienna Based Duo established in 2002, has created one of the only watches I’ve really desired in years. The watch is called the Matrix and it’s designed for Zeon, the top manufacturer of retro styled LED watches. I’m attracted to the Matrix LED watch for its simplicity. It’s just a leather band […]

Laptop Case by Giles Miller of The Farm

I noticed this post on the Inhabitat blog recently, and I just wanted to point out how lovely the concept for a laptop case is. Giles Miller of The Farm has always pushed the boundaries with his experimentations on recycled cardboard, but he’s made one crucial move on this product design that will win him […]

Prada i-Phone by LG

When I see the Prada Phone it makes me sometimes wish that I had started a gadget blog, and I really knew my stuff and was super popular. Why? Well then I would somehow convince LG to give me one of these awesome phones! At least they look awesome… and they say Prada on it […]

Home Theater in a Trunk by Pinel and Pinel

Fred Pinel has only been creating his gorgeous leather trunks for the past 5 years or so, but the trunks have this old world richness to them which made me think that Pinel & Pinel had been around as long as Paris fashion had been big. Turns out Fred Pinel is about my age, and […]

YouTube Design: Phillips Light Emitting Textiles

I am so excited about the ideas that artists and designers will be creating with this new product. I saw this a couple of months ago on the Phillips website, but I hadn’t realized until today that there was a video of the fabric, and that the fabric also was dynamic. This is a jawdropper.

Laptop Sleeve by Red Maloo

Red Maloo began its existence when the company was originally asked to design a laptop case presented in 2004 at the Tokyo Ambient Lifestyle Fair. The initial design was constructed of the finest Japanese Linens and used similar design and construction as kimonos. Soon after, Maloo introduced the Red Maloo Laptop case made of a […]

Cheerharan Toilet Paper by Design Temple

I’m sitting here at my couch, and quite honestly I cannot concentrate at all because there are pigeons cooing outside of my window and it’s driving me crazy. So, instead of writing a bunch of useless babble because I can’t focus, I would like to present to you a product that speaks for itself: toilet […]

Wave TV by HE and Marcel Wanders

What’s so special about a microwave with a chicken on top? It’s only that the microwave has a TV built into the door! You heard me. Marcel Wanders, super designer and beloved by all turtleneck wearers, has teamed up with HE, an aged appliance company in need of super designers, to create a line of […]