Gyanze Amp and Speakers

I now issue the challenge for today: if you know any possible way to buy these mythical iPod speakers, then let me know. I honestly doubt that these speakers exist. I’ve even read about them in magazines (our print friend who supposedly checks facts) and still I can’t find these speakers anywhere. So what’s the […]

Boom Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag is a prototype by Gro Design that combines two great accessories into an awesome final concept. It’s one part purse and one part portable iPod stereo. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?!…Hey, pass me that bong, dude” moments in product design. If you look at most portable iPod […]

My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital

I was recently at Circuit City (which I normally hate going to, by the way. They have no selection.) and I was looking for a backup hard drive for my system. The one I found compelled to buy was the My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital. I honestly know nothing about the company, nor […]

Sweet Home Laptop Power / Foot Warmer by Clement Eloy

OK. I wouldn’t call this product exactly “green” per se, but it does make something that is not so efficient into something useful. What I’m talking about is the laptop power / foot warmer by Clement Eloy. He’s created a design that takes your overly warm transformer that is required for every laptop to function, […]

Blindspot: Products for Couples by Jim Rokos

Jim Rokos, a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, has come up with a number of products designed to expose personal relationships between couples, and their ability to cooperate. I’ve included images from a couple of the products above. The top product is called My Other Half. It’s a […]

The Orgasmatron 3000 by Dominic Wilcox

I have heard this urban legend all of my high school and college life that goes like this: having sex on a washing machine can cause women to go wild with passion because of the slow vibrating motion of the washer. The spin cycle is supposedly particularly hot. Finally, someone, this being master of everyday […]

Do We really Need an iPod Tube Amp?

This is not an artifact from a 1950’s Sci-Fi Movie. It’s a device known as a tube amp. This one is called the Roth Cocoon. I have no idea what it costs, but I’m assuming a lot judging by what my audiophile friends pay for their equipment. So what makes this tube amp different than […]

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

Muji, as hopefully you already know, is the queen bee of super simple but cool Japanese product design. It’s an Ikea for Japan. I first became aware of their work from a friend of mine who was in Paris and stopped in to the Muji store there. He picked me up a white T-shirt that […]

Holy Shit: An iPod Fit for a Priest

Are you a hipster priest who wants to buy an iPod, but are feeling guilty about your earthly desires? Fret not. Your savior device has arrived in the form of a crucifix iPod. Soon, you will be able to rock out and perform exorcisms with the same object. Man Works Design, an extremely adept Russian […]

Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale

I’m always on the hunt for items that are designed in such a way that you can’t quite tell what they are unless someone tells you. The Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale are one of these items. I mean, OK, sure there are wires coming out of the back of them, but the speakers lay […]