DecisionPaper by Paradoxy Products

I recently received an email from this company: Paradoxy Products.  I believe they were writing to make me aware of their chess set, but to be honest I only wanted to write about their DecisionPaper. What is it? It’s a note pad with a cut directly in the middle of the paper. What does it […]

Handpresso: Make Espresso While Getting a Workout

Handpresso, available at Charles and Marie, is your ticket to never being stuck on a back country hiking trail without a good shot of espresso easily available. I used to carry something called a Jetboil. My friends raved about this thing, so I had to have one. And as it promises, the Jetboil boils water […]

Goodbye Fly by Gulio Lachetti: Commemorate Milan by Killing Flies

Milan has an extremely intricate pattern that makes up its central city. Roads thousand of years old crisscross with modern freeways and light rail tracks. Now you will always be reminded of walking those crooked side streets by whacking a couple of flies.

Bel Air by Mathieu Lehanneur

Let’s face it. We live in a toxic world. Everything we build our home out of or bring our home into is constantly off gassing toxins. Then along comes Bel Air, a product proposal by Mathieu Lehanneur. He proposes with Bel Air to create a new type of air purifier by expertly selecting plants that […]

The Smoking Gun by Design Glut: Where Pun Mixes with Double Entendre

Design Glut is an extremely fresh design group of two making some of the smartest products out there in the world.  The product that caught my eye at the recent ICFF 2008 show was The Smoking Gun: a cigarette holder with a deeper, blunter sense of the act of smoking. The iconography of the cigarette […]

Mixko: A World of Undiscoverd Similarities

Mixko, as their namesake indicates, is a  company that mixes multiple unlike things together to come up with completely new meanings. They look at an object like a whistle, for instance, and say, “Hey, if the scale of that whistle were multiplied in size by, like four hundred times, then that whistle would make a […]

Tape Dispenser by J-Me

Like so many other products on, there is not much you need to say beyond your immediate visceral reaction to clever products such as this tape dispenser. Yep. It’s a tape dispenser in the form of that all important audio media device: the cassette tape. The design is so damn cute. And at twenty […]

digital / analog clock by alvin aronson

The digital / analog clock by alvin aronson has two extremely strong points that will make this design highly successful: One, it has a very high geek factor. Two it’s as white as can be. Super Cute!portfolio +/- alvin aronson

Bomb USB Storage

The Bomb USB Storage by Joel Escalona is a clever take on those bombs you only see in old cartoons. The metaphor of the bomb is kind of funny.Although a USB cord vaguely resembles a fuse, bomb is about the last thing that I would want my computer to do. In fact, didn’t  the old […]

Toothbrushes by Radius

Finally! I’ve gotten around to this post. It is a rare pleasure to get tips from my friends in town. Yes, I get tips about products from my cyberspace friends and from my PR friends, but rarely do I get any great leads on well designed products from the people that I see on a […]