Mobile Record Players: Chrysler, God Bless Ya

If you were ever wondering how the car companies got into the mess that they are in to today, one only has to look at this particular innovation. At first glance, I thought this was ground breaking and sort of experimental in a good way. Then I thought about Chrysler’s inability to look beyond the […]

Fuck The Rain

I’ve always wanted to make an enduring statement that would have broad popularity, and now I think I’e found a way: First, buy one of these stylish umbrellas of a middle finger. Second, walk around with this umberlla often. Third, find your picture on Google Maps. Finally, send the image to any media outlet that […]

EcoLab’s Cleaning Twin

Such a beautiful simple idea: take a typical cleaning bottle and insert it in a much larger bulk cleaning dispenser. OK. This isn’t the prettiest packaging in the world. But it takes something that I’ve been thinking about in the back of my mind and makes it one step simpler. That thing in the back […]

Fire Flower fire extinguishers

WHy can’t all fire extinguisers be this beautiful? How does this fire extinguisher work? The petals of the flower are made from a film that expands and smothers the fire when heated. Brilliant.Lifestyle – Fire Flower fire extinguishers – Japan Trend Shop

The Holedar Earphones by Yoonsang Kim

earbuds are so ubiquitous that it’s a bit hard to see past the flaws of earbuds that are caused by its lozenge shape. Philips and Yoonsang Kim have finally broken out of the box with the attractive and highly functional Holedar Earphones. The hook shape means no gross, bacteria laden earbud plopped in your ear. […]

Multipot Table Lamp and Charger

MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger Design by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, 2005 Imported from Italy. MultiPot belongs to a new generation of lighting objects and is the first of Rotaliana products to combine lighting with other functions. This hybrid, multifunctional lamp combines an LED ambient night light with multiple sockets, along with a space […]

Birkiland – Umbuster

This design from Birkiland merges two important functions into one simple package. You can keep yourself completely dry from rain while punching someone with a dibilitating blow to the face with this invention. I really don’t see myself ever using this invention except maybe in a rough and rainy London Neighborhood? A bit too James […]

Baja Charcoal Package by Mike and Maaike

Mike and Maaike, two local San Francisco Designers who work in a variety of industries, have created a very simple and effective packaging solution for charcoal company Lazzari. The packaging is made of recycled paper pulp similar to the packaging you might carry four softdrinks in. The beauty of this design is the packagings form. […]

Meet The Dyson Airblade

Foozoo Design blog has a nice article on the features of the Dyson Airblade. I’m not sure if the writers of this blog has used one of these yet, but my boss, in his deep love of cool products, has purchased one of these for our office, and my verdict is: I love it. It […]

EnergyHub: A Beautiful, Fun Way to Save Energy

On Inhabitat a few days ago was featured a concept that I hope to see soon in the stores: a simple, inexpensive and very visual way to monitor energy consumption. Make it fan. Make it a game where the end result is lower energy bills. This is the sort of design that we need more […]