ora watch by alexandros stasinopoulos

This really is one of the freshest and most novel concepts for a watch I’ve seen in a while. The watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos portrays three intertwined tape measures that move with the time. I have not quite figured how to describe the relation between time and space, but I’m sure there is one. I’ve […]

chris chapman: roll-out vegetable garden

I do not have a green thumb. However, i love trying to grow plants. I’m very thoughtless with my planting. I just stick some seeds in the ground whenever without any sense of how many and how far aart the seeds need to be. Now, Chris Chapman has invented a way that I can plant […]

sungho lee: LED pin

I saw the clothespin light, and I wondered to myself, “OK, it’s a clothespin and a light. So what?”. Now it all makes sense after seeing this image. sungho lee: LED pin.

QLOCKTWO: everyone else posted this, why not me?

I really don’t think anyone goes out looking for a clock anymore. So, to realy differentiate yourself in the time telling business you have to make something like qlocktwo. it uses this weird letter matrix to spell out the time in five minute intervals. And it does this at the low price of twelve hundred […]

Dinner Timer by Emma Caselton

Emma Emma Caselton has created one of the most brilliant inventions i’ve seen in a long time. The beauty is in its simplicity mixed with its usefulness. What is it? it’s a linear timer that tell you exactly when to do what with your recipe. Simply insert the specially designed recipe in the timer’s slot, […]

Designer Profile: OOOMS

OOOMS is a guy/girl design duo based in the Netherlands. Their work has a sort of random quality that has a bit of natural bent. The solar birdhouse is a recent product that creates a beacon for the garden at night without using any grid power to do so. I think it may scare the […]

Burning Rubber: The Greenest Kinky Sex Toy Available

I’m impressed. What’s more I have a tire tread impressed on my butt. Or at least I will once I buy one of the eco-friendly paddles for my wife. The paddle is simple and beautiful design made from a simple rubber handle, a piece of steel, and a large piece of recycled tire tread. Whapow! […]

Hand USB sticks- Throw Your Sign, Transfer Data

Need a way to throw up your West Coast Crip sign while you’re computing? No? Well too bad. Now, you have this option. USB has come so far… What can’t you stick on the end of a USB? Hand USB sticks @ Sirtified | Cool Design Exclusively for Guys |

Lego and Digital Blue Team Up for an Amazing Camera.

This is unlike any camera I’ve ever seen. Lego does robots, lego does social networking. Now lego goes for the big guns, consumer electronics. I can’t wait to have one. The only hope is the future holds a LEGO videophone where everyone is rendered as a LEGO person. Exciting!A criação » Eletrônicos da LEGO e […]

White Fruit Radio: Uber Wabi Sabi

I’m sorry. I really don’t know what wabi sabi means. I just hear my boss use this term when referring to elegant and refined architecture that brings in a bit of nature into the design. That’s kind of what this radio does. The radio has no knobs or cluttery gizmos sticking out. The radio simply […]