Fab.com popup shop


The Fab.com Pop Up Shop in Soho NYC is a much needed venue for one of the most successful online etailers of the past couple years. They are basically the retail version of Pinterest where only cool stuff is allowed.            

Pentax K-01

  Pentax K-01. I grew up with a Pentax k series camera . Now,  an icon of contemporary design has redesigned a classic for the digital age. I’m in love.

Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand

I’m sold. Read the review below. sub-studio design blog: Review: Sony Ericsson MS430 Speaker Stand.

Timbuktu Magazine

Looking for something for your young one to do on your iPad? Timbuktu Magazine could be a great option. It’s a really great first try at taking young fiction for the 5-10 year olds out there and making it interactive. Personally, I think it’s better than a book, but my wife would strongly disagree. Timbuktu […]

Is it me? Or are these fireplace tools SFS?

SFS is my new abbreviation that I’m using in my twitter posts for so f**king stupid. Why? OK we saw guns as handles for things, like, ten years ago. Many of the gun things were witty commentaries on gun culture. This experiment is more like ,” hey, let’s weld a gun to the end of […]

WHAIWHAI – an app for discovery (in Italy)

This is my dream app. It takes a boring old travel guide and turns it into a fun game that helps you discover secrets of the city. This reminds me a bit of this great project in San Francisco called the jejune institute where you follow a nonsensical game of discovery. Very weird and beautiful. […]

iPad Publishers making strides in children’s books

swissmiss | Oliver Jeffers ‘Heart and the Bottle’ iPad Version.

First iPhone case that needs a case

Now I understand why most iPhone cases are so ugly, because if they looked like this you’d want a case for your case. Still, this case is unfortunately bulky. I let my iPhone ride free and avoid the accessory money pit. Abee Japan introduce its first Aluminum Jacket for iPhone 4. « Akihabara News.

Never clean your windows again…with a catch

The catch is that the robot that cleans your window is loud, slow, and sucks up lots of power. The plus is you will surely be the first to have this gadget. Watch the video and tell me that this technology has a way to go. Robotic window cleaner, but I want a shower-bot – […]

Gift Guide: Sex Toys

Christmas is just around the corner, and it recently occurred to me that a wonderful gift you might consider giving to your lady-friend is a device that can produce ecstasy. I must admit to you, I have not tried any of these stimulating devices myself. In fact, I’ve only chosen them based upon their innovative […]