Os Gemeos on Wooster Collective

I like to send out thank you once in a while to all my favorite website, and today I thought I would mention the Wooster Collective website. I could just spend hours flipping through the images and videos of amazing street art that’s going on around the world. Today, I’ll just mention one work: a […]

When a Chair Becomes a Light

This post comes via Moco Loco. It’s a baroque chair re-purposed as a piece of neon art. The chair is striking, straightforward, iconic, classic, and fresh at the same time. The designer Lee Broom, is a baby faced kid, with a big career ahead of him. I’m excited to see what happens next. BTW, Mr. […]

The Noric Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale

Régine Debatty from We Make Money Not Art has written a lovely post about her visit to the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, arguably the most important art event in the world. There are a number of thought provoking exhibits this year including Adel Abidin‘s extreme tourism piece as it considers the prospect of […]

Press Button, Receive Bacon

I saw this post on Brand Spankin’ New, and I wanted to share this piece of usability design with you. The pictogram is shown on the face of a hand dryer. The problem with the design of the hand dryer is how does the designer express to a user how you might use a hand […]

Richard Serra Sculpture: 40 years

What: This just opened at the Moma, and it looks absolutely remarkable. This may be the MOMA’s most ambitious exhibit yet, and it may mean another trip to New York this summer. “One of the preeminent sculptors of our era, Richard Serra (American, b. 1939) has long been acclaimed for his challenging and innovative work, […]

Zaha Hadid Exhibition at the Design Museum, London

What: This just opened, and it will prove to be be a very exciting exhibit if you’re into extreme sculpture. Closes November 25. “Zaha Hadid won the Pritzker Prize in 2004, when she had only just completed her first substantial project, the Rosenthal Centre for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. Now she is busy working on […]

Forrest Myers Aviary Chair

Barry Friedman Ltd. has a knack for finding some of the most fascinating, well crafted, and highly experimental furniture around today. And as you might expect, if you really want something that Barry Friedman sells, you will pay the price. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t make in a year what a piece like Forrest Myers’ […]

Photo-London: The International Photography Exposition

what: “A new concept: photo-london will now focus exclusively on contemporary photography since 1970. It aims to show the diversity of subjects, concepts, styles and techniques explored by photo-based artists from documentary work to conceptual art photography, as well as image combined with media such as audio, video, and installation. photo-london will provide a unique […]

The Graffiti Report Card: Ugly Graffiti Haters Unite

Click on image to enlarge Now, in German! (Please find the badly written German version here) What is the Graffiti Report Card? The Graffiti Report Card is a mechanism that you can use to judge graffiti. It’s a sticker with an arrow on it that points to the graffiti. The sticker has a number of […]

Recycled Bags By Maldita Adelita

You know, originally when I started this post way back in November of 2006, I wanted to show the world these wild handbags. The purses in the picture above are made by Maldita Adelita (which sounds made up to me) and are made of recycled plastic bags cut into strips and woven into the striking […]