Die Electric by Scott Amron

Scott Amron sent me a link to his Die Electric project months ago, and I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it and but somehow it was lost in the ether. Finally, I’m back on the case: Die Electric is a play on dialectic mixed with a little die and a […]

Blaue Blume Teacup by Undergrowth Design

I met the maker of the Blaue Blume Teacup at the 2008 ICFF, and I still have about one hundred of posts left to do covering the fabulous designers I met while at the show. This was one of my favorites. The design feature a baroque cup and saucer set in pure white porcelain. The […]

Found Space Tiles by Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson, a Berlin based designer, has created an expertly crafted white tile that fits within the standard tile size that comprizes a typical shower stall. The tiles on their own create a miniature abstracted landscape. Add a nude body against the face of these special tiles and you have new ways to clean and […]

The Smoking Gun by Design Glut: Where Pun Mixes with Double Entendre

Design Glut is an extremely fresh design group of two making some of the smartest products out there in the world.  The product that caught my eye at the recent ICFF 2008 show was The Smoking Gun: a cigarette holder with a deeper, blunter sense of the act of smoking. The iconography of the cigarette […]

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks was one of the highlights of ICFF for me. I’m a sucker for contemporary glass design, and this work surpassed all others in my opinion. Each piece in Tubes is hand blown and finished, and each piece has its own character and hue. When all pieces are assembled to make a […]

Wallpaper Exclusive: Departures by Langlands and Bell

Wallpaper* has sent me word of a new interactive art piece / portfolio viewed exclusively at Wallpaper.com. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to see their work in this venue, but after viewing, I’ve realized how exciting their work is when viewed in a gallery setting. Take their 2001 Air Routes […]

Porn For The Blind

Does pornfortheblind.org have anything to do with design? Not exactly. It’s just that I couldn’t help but post this. BOINKOLOGY | Porn For The Blind

Pillowig by JooYoun Paek

JooYoun Paek may be one of the most innovative designers I’ve seen in a long time. Her project range from the practicle to the insane. But the thread that ties her projects together is each product solves very practical problems in garishly bold ways. There are so many ingenious products that this woman has made, […]

Not by the hair…

of my Chinny Chin Chin as the nursery rhyme goes. Chinny Chin Chin is the name of a design collective based in Australia, and I’m not sure what this has to do with this outstanding collection of  products they’ve made, but my guess is the domain name was available. Or maybe there are three people […]

Bomb USB Storage

The Bomb USB Storage by Joel Escalona is a clever take on those bombs you only see in old cartoons. The metaphor of the bomb is kind of funny.Although a USB cord vaguely resembles a fuse, bomb is about the last thing that I would want my computer to do. In fact, didn’t  the old […]