meat purse by nancy wu

I read that Nancy Wu is a design student, and I kind of figured as much. Why? Because there are two traits design students always seem to have. First, students are not afraid to go way out there with their experiments. Using a dried meat product as fabric for a purse- check. Second, design students […]

Letterpress Poster by Cameron Moll

I’ve never seen a letterpressed piece of architecture before. This is my dream poster. I am an architect, and I collect architectural drawings. I’m also obsessed with typography and letterpress. This poster combines two passions in an intricate and rigorous way. It’s a tour de force in type. Sadly, it’s all sold out.Cameron Moll, LLC […]

Banksy in New Orleans

Thank you sub-studio for pointing me towards this. These stencils, I’m assuming, have been around for some time, but I’ve never seen them. I never get such an elated feeling than I do from a carefully placed Banksy stencil. Example: two military men looting a store for stereo equipment. The visual is so compelling as […]

ZEVS Makes Big Brands Bleed (Visually)

ZEVS, a French based street artists has made his mark as the man who makes the logos of big brands bleed. His term is “visual kidnapping”. The term refers to stealing a brand’s effectiveness by visually altering the meaning of the brand in the public realm. I urge you to read the interview I’ve included, […]

Wallpaper* Selects – Art – – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel

Wallpaper has incited an impressive collection of photo shoots over the years, so why not capitalize on their fantastic collection by offering a number of their best shots in a limited printing. Photography collectors take notice! The first collection includes images by Jonathan de Villiers, Mauricio Alejo, Jonathan Frantini, Christopher Griffith, Stefan Ruiz, Daniel Stier, […]

DecisionPaper by Paradoxy Products

I recently received an email from this company: Paradoxy Products.  I believe they were writing to make me aware of their chess set, but to be honest I only wanted to write about their DecisionPaper. What is it? It’s a note pad with a cut directly in the middle of the paper. What does it […]

Paper Thin: A Bowl by Agata Nowak

Tear a piece of paper from your notebook. Crumple it up. Now begin to curve the piece of crumpled paper into the form of a vessel. What you get is a vague resemblance of what Paper Thin, a collection of ceramics by Agata Nowak, is all about. The amazing thing to me is a crumpled […]

Anger Release Machine by

Finally, a machine that does something I really need in those desparate times: an Anger Release Machine by YarisalKublitz . It’s a vending machine where you deposit money and the machine smashes a piece of porcelain for you. It may even be renamed a Greek Wedding Machine in the right circumstances. b l o g […]

Julia Lohmann- 2008 Design Miami/Basel Designer of the Future

Julia Lohmann has become one of four 2008 Design Miami/Basel Designers of the Future. Her work is characterized by seeing beauty in biological structures. For instance, Flock, seen above, is a lamp made from the stomachs from one flock of fifty sheep. The textures and shapes of the stomachs are quite striking, and the boldness […]

Periodic Table by One and Co for Council Design: Fourty Two Grand of Pure Luxury

Back in Early 2007, Council Design came out with a fabulous new collection they called “Optimism“. At that time, they were just prototyping the periodic table which they showed on their website for a while. But Derek Chen, owner of Council Design, had not yet perfected the table which he had commissioned from design superstars […]