This Picnic Table design is Totally Tubular!

I love Dutch Architects simply because they are always willing to re-interpret mundane material into something special. Case in point: hoogte twee architects’ design for this small pavilion requires just 4 things to make a spectacular effect: PVC pipes, glue, a saw, and a creative sensibility. B(h)uis paviljoen kunststof buizen.

ora watch by alexandros stasinopoulos

This really is one of the freshest and most novel concepts for a watch I’ve seen in a while. The watch by Alexandros Stasinopoulos portrays three intertwined tape measures that move with the time. I have not quite figured how to describe the relation between time and space, but I’m sure there is one. I’ve […]

Table garden brings new perception to the dining table.

I saw this at Yatzer, and I really appreciated the above piece for where it brought my imagination.  The piece by metal garden furniture DeCastelli is not meant to be a dining table, I don’t think. I think it’s meant as pure vision of landscape on a miniature scale. But it occurred to me that […]

Surgical Masks with Flair (Scary!)

With the recent outbreak of swine flu, I’ve seen more proposals for re-inventing the surgical mask to be more fashion conscious. This mask, on the other hand, is just downright disturbing. And the mask really don’t give me confidence in my dentist’s ability to work on my teeth. Sure, this may be to calm children, […]

Camper Kart : KEVIN CYR

This is a great example of how important the shopping cart is as a mode of transportation for certain sectors of society. I’m not sure what mr. cyr is aiming at by combining a shopping cart with a camper, but it seems to me that he sees the shopping cart as a natural extension from […]

reincarnation: trash as inspiration for tableware

Yet another remake of everyday objects as precious little trinkets. I like them all, so keep them coming. I’ve seen clorox bottles in ceramics, water bottles in glass, but the lightness of Kutchamuch’s egg crate, for instance, exceeds the quality of any i’ve seen. I hope i’m right in saying that taking an everyday object […]

ceramic polaroid

The latest craze in ceramic reproductions: vintage cameras. I hope to see Leicas in the near future. ceramic polaroid.

Stop the Presses! Maison Margiela launches an interior collection

I don’t know if I should be pissed off or in love after reading this post at Wallpaper*. Why should I care? For one, the fashions from Maison Margiela pushes the limits of what I should wear into a mysterious abstract art. Although I feel they rule the edge of excitement in fashion, why is […]

Taikkun’s Tibetan tourists’ prayer-powered LEDs – Core77

This is cute, but I wish it could be serious. I’m afraid a prayer wheel would never actually generate a huge amount of power to allow for much use in the temple. Today’s modern monks are in need of more and more power and would probably require that at least two monks per temple are […]

La Chanh Nguyen – Moss Bath Mat

At my firm, David Baker + Partners, we’ve really been getting into green roofs. Green roofs are basically grassy pads of moss and other plants that sit on your roof to help keep the heat in in the winter and cool in in the summer. This bath mat brings a bit of the green roof […]