Duchamp Was Here

This is some funny stuff! Street Art At Its Best: Duchamp Was Here | Wooster Collective.

Fiona Banner: A closer look at the jet

Thanks to my new favorite blog, I’ve discovered the work of a sculptor beyond compare. These jets shown at BOOOOOOM! are so incredibly powerful. Why? Just the sheer ingenuity of fitting the sculptures in the building for one. Beyond this, there is something striking about seeing a jet just before the moment of impact that […]

Bavarian Pouter: a Pigeon Beyond Recognition

I saw this on Swiss Miss. Turning any object into an extreme art has to be one of the most amazing human endeavors, and these pigeons are no exception. The images of these champion pigeons are absolutely amazing and somehow unnatural. Bavarian Pouter CH OH654 BealsandGardner.jpg JPEG Image, 1181×1772 pixels – Scaled 30%.

Preview: Scott Campbell – “Noblesse Oblige” @ OHWOW (LA) | Arrested Motion

Scott Campbell, tattoo artist beyond reproach, has two things going for him: First, hist level of craftsmanship falls into the category of medieval master to royalty. Second he understands the power of iconography, mainly skulls and dollar bills. If he threw in a few crosses here and there he’d seal his fate as master of […]

Hypothetical Development Organization

As an architect, I’ve done tons of hypothetical projects for sites that never saw the light of day. This group goes the extra step and make their hypothetical plans public at the location they were meant to inhabit. This may be just the inspiration needed to kickstart some blight to bright. Wooster Collective: One Not […]

Is it me? Or are these fireplace tools SFS?

SFS is my new abbreviation that I’m using in my twitter posts for so f**king stupid. Why? OK we saw guns as handles for things, like, ten years ago. Many of the gun things were witty commentaries on gun culture. This experiment is more like ,” hey, let’s weld a gun to the end of […]

sub-studio design blog: The Standard + KAWS – Limited Edition Lightbulbs

Street artist cum rich artist cum light bulb manufacturer. What a career. Kaws, I love you. Consequently, one of the sketches in the new tv comedy Portlandia features an artisanal light bulb maker who sells $68 light bulbs that burn out in a few days. Are artisanal light bulbs the new deer antlers? sub-studio design […]

Why are the Dutch Obsessed with Blue Foam

The Dutch Pavilion of the Venice Biennale is filled with a blue foam landscape. If you go to Droog in New York, you get blue foam. And it appears that most architects in Holland are using blue foam for everything they design these days. Why is this? Regardless of their foam compulsion, the Dutch also […]

Unwitting Family Forced to Accept Modernist Folly

Call me a dick, but this stair case is stupid. Why? 1) You might die walking up this staircase. The first rule of design is don’t kill your clients… unless that is the intended purpose. 2) How do you get a couch up these insanely narrow stairs? The second rule of design is be functional, […]

OCD Sculptor Creates Art on the Tip of a Pencil

Not much to say but wow! I wish there were pictures of how this artist works. The Pencil Sculptures of Dalton Ghetti | Yatzer™.