Temporary Architecture: A Palio Dinner

I’ve been bored lately with just talking about design objects. I’m an architect, and I’ve recently been obsessed with what I’m calling “temporary architecture”. Temporary architecture , to me, is simply the space created and removed over a short period of time, like for an event. So I ask you all, dear readers, to tell […]

Architecture for wine addicts to lust over

Most people’s wine cellars have been relegated to the garage, but if you have the cash I would suggest you go for the super sexy trap door wine cellar. Why do this? because you can. Cool Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars.

Items – Kavellaris Urban Design

I’ve see this beautiful house around the internet, and I know right off that it is one of the freshest combinations of graphic design and architecture that I’ve see in a long time. There used to be a time when graphics went hand in hand with the structure itself such as the sistine chapel’s paintings. […]

Puma Container Store Next Step in the Mobile Shopping Evolution

The Puma Store is an inspiration to all architects out there with lots of time and energy and access to a supply of old shipping containers. I consider this store to be a sort of dialogue with some of the past stores Ive seen where the designers have stacked 6 units high by one wide. […]

Letterpress Poster by Cameron Moll

I’ve never seen a letterpressed piece of architecture before. This is my dream poster. I am an architect, and I collect architectural drawings. I’m also obsessed with typography and letterpress. This poster combines two passions in an intricate and rigorous way. It’s a tour de force in type. Sadly, it’s all sold out.Cameron Moll, LLC […]

Osler House by Marcio Kogan

I have very little to say about this house. When trying to come up with a reason for including it on the blog, the only thing that came to mind is: “looks cool”. This is not the criteria I hoped to use when I started design crack. But what the hell… One funny thing about […]

Pachinko Parlours are Las Vegas at the Extremes

Ping Mag has posted an insightful account of the pachinko architecture industry leading me to believe that I will never be able to know as much as I would want about this world. I could spend a lifetime studying the accuteness of this strnge design style. PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making […]

New York Gets A New Herzog and De Meuron Residential Tower

When I received this press release almost a week ago, I thought to myself: I have to write about this immediately! I was so excited to see another commission for Herzog and De Meuron, famed Swiss architects, in New York City. I have visited 50 Bond Street in the Bowery many times and stood there […]

Holley House, New York

Wallpaper has created another interactive post of new modern residential architecture. This month, they feature the Holley House, a simple Miesian brick house built near Garrison, New York. The work borrows the smart use of heavy planes that ground the house in a similar way to the Barcelona Pavilion. Holley House, New York – Architecture […]

casa tóló by álvaro leite siza vieira

I design buildings for a living, and has recently struck me that my portfolio consists of zero projects that are more exclusively my own. Couple this with my mother’s move to the west coast, my growing family’s need for more space, and the availability of cheaper land in the East Bay hills, and I’m thinking […]