High-Line NYC


It’s been two years since I’ve visited the High Line in the Chelsea District and Meat Packing District of New York. Since my last visit, a couple of remarkable things have happened: One to me and one to the High Line. I had a stroke of luck to have an image I took of the […]

NOHO Buildings


First, I should say that I’m not a New Yorker, so what should I call the area around Bowery near the New Museum? If it’s NoHo, then I’ve hit it. Two of these buildings are on Bond Street which really gained prominence with the fabulously stylish Herzog and DeMeuron condo building. Across the street from […]

ugo architecture: inspirational renderings


  The architecture is beautiful, but the rendering style is sublime and ethereal. I’ve been doing Photoshop renderings for close to fifteen years and I’ve never come close to the quality of light shown in these views. ugo architecture + design: 100 trees.

Amangiri: nature meets luxury

I’ve been gawking over this resort for some time now. There is something primal that makes me want to jump in this pool from the top of the huge red rock that flanks it.

The McKittrick Hotel a future in the past

This one is for my friend, Kevin Seymore. He is really in to secret places in New York, and he is also a specialist in historic architecture, so I think he’ll like this one. Exploring The Abandoned McKittrick Hotel on West 27th Street « Scouting NY.

Hypothetical Development Organization

As an architect, I’ve done tons of hypothetical projects for sites that never saw the light of day. This group goes the extra step and make their hypothetical plans public at the location they were meant to inhabit. This may be just the inspiration needed to kickstart some blight to bright. Wooster Collective: One Not […]

ARCHI-ZINES- The ultimate confluence of coolness

Here is a confluence of two of my favorite fetishes: architecture and zines. This has inspired me to create my own pamphlet on architecture coming out this spring called Bikitechture where I chronicle buildings by bike. Any ideas for stories? ARCHI-ZINES.

‘nail house’ is an amazing testament to homeowner will

The image above is a homeowner holdout in the middle of a new shopping mall development in the city of Chongqing, China. It’s quite amazing that the holdouts to the development lasted as long as they did, but eventually they “settled”. What amazes me is the developers cut the power and water, dug a 10 […]

This Picnic Table design is Totally Tubular!

I love Dutch Architects simply because they are always willing to re-interpret mundane material into something special. Case in point: hoogte twee architects’ design for this small pavilion requires just 4 things to make a spectacular effect: PVC pipes, glue, a saw, and a creative sensibility. B(h)uis paviljoen kunststof buizen.

Archetypal House to the Extreme

I’ve recently been working on this project in Berkeley where we’ve abstracted the archetypal house in a modern way. You can see our design for this cottage here shrouded by the palm trees. Herzog and DeMeuron take this archetypal house to the extreme by extruding the form out like house “logs’ and stacking the logs […]