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Fab.com popup shop


The Fab.com Pop Up Shop in Soho NYC is a much needed venue for one of the most successful online etailers of the past couple years. They are basically the retail version of Pinterest where only cool stuff is allowed.            

Bisazza Showroom


The Bisazza showroom is non-stop drama. Everything about the tile, ceramic bathroom fixtures, and anything Bisazza touches is luxury to the extreme.          

Cool bed spread in the Bowery


This is a traditional Amish quilt which I saw on a very beautiful walnut bed on Bowery near Bond street. I believe they call this area NOHO for north of Houston Street. Neighborhood branding is the pastime here.

NatureToWear by Ldesign

Nature to Wear

  Nature to Wear by L Design is one of those pieces of jewelry that annoys me because the title has got this almost naive irony in that the way the ring is constructed is not natural at all. Extracting metal from the earth is on the highest order of technology that snubs nature over […]

silver edition by Bordbar

silver edition | Bordbar.de

  Looking for that certain something to set off your airline themed party? Look no further than the beautifully detailed and rugged silver addition food and drink carts by bordbar. Sure, their made for airlines. But, Bordbar also sells them to the public. They are a bit spendy, but I know if I lived in […]

Well Designed Gifts for a Tight Budget

Let’s be frank. Times are tight. I just listened to a radio news report detailing that American consumers have spent all they can spend on high end goods and are now sticking with the basics. But, nothing says I love you better than a well designed gift, right? You could make a gift yourself which […]