Honeycomb by Quinze and Milan

Quinze & Milan is a design studio run by the mad man and egotist, Arne Quinze. Quinze, for American subculture freaks, was partly responsible for the massive wood structure in the Blackrock desert during Burning Man 2006 known as the “Belgian Waffle“. Before the Belgian Waffle came about, I had never payed much attention to […]

Electric Table by Christiane Hoegner

Christiane Hoegner graduated in 2003 from the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste with a degree in interior architecture. Since then,  she has  created a varied and exciting range of products from  a sofa made of sandbags to  a storage system made out of universal stacking boxes. But my favorite piece is probably the Electric Table. The […]

Orchid by Christian Flindt

About five years ago I bought my first orchid. It was a type of Cattleya with purple and pink striped leaves. It looked very exotic because there were tendrils from the flowers petals that twisted down an inch or two creating a sort of plant peyos. This was not a simple store-bought orchid but one […]

Genius Table by Arash and Kelly

I’m not a genius, but I know more than a couple of them, and if they have a singular trait it would be that they always need a pen and paper handy for sketching ideas. Now, along comes: The Genius Table! OK, Arash and Kelly’s design has been out since 1999. But it’s new to […]

X Cushion Chair by Christopher Coleman

Are you a parent with a modernist aesthetic? Now, here’s your chance to ween your kids early on the virtues of Mies van der Rohe by buying them a piece from Christopher Coleman’s Kids Collection. The X Cushion Chair is somewhat reminiscent of the Barcelona Chair if it were shrunk and spray painted completely yellow. […]

Sneaker by Campeggi

Object: Sneaker Manufacturer: Campeggi URL: http://www.campeggisrl.it Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $? Lust Factor: Warm Description: Campeggi is a company that focuses on new ways of experiencing furniture, and the Sneaker is one of the most innovative. It’s a combination of soft, comfy exercise ball mixed with a mini trampoline. The objective is to create […]

Track Bike by Mercian and Paul Smith

Object: Track Bike Designer: Mercian and Paul Smith URL: www.mercian.com Category: Sports and Recreation Price: $4,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Paul Smith Bike manufactured by Mercian is true design crack. Paul Simth is what I consider to be the Tommy Hilfiger of the UK. That is, he takes an interesting fashion concept, like the […]