XV Shelving by SEED International

The Xv Shelving System by SEED International is ingenious modular furniture. The system requires no tools to assemble. There is only one slotted shelf module and three joint shapes which are “X”, “V”, and “T”. That’s it. And what can you make from just four parts? Just about any shape of size shelf that you […]

Rhombuswear Binary Shirt

Are you a geek in need of clothing? Here’s an excellent option from Rhombuswear. It’s a shirt completely covered in ones and zeros, or the binary code for those in the know (BTW, click on the image to get a better look). This shirt, and an extremely competent first collection beyond this shirt, is the […]

Trophy Tableware by Emiko Oki

Emiko Oki designs some of the most clever products!  Recently, I reviewed the pint glass that she created, and this product is of a similar theme. It’s called Trophy Tableware because Emiko takes the coffee pot, bowl, cup, saucer, and so on, and creates a groove in the ceramics with which the user can stack […]

Achoo Table by The Design Can

Do you have bad persistent allergies? Do you also have an obsessive compulsive disorder that compels you to rid your house of superfluous objects? Yes? Then this is your product. The Achoo Table is an integration, a mashup if you will, of two distinct products: the table and the tissue box. Judged just based on […]

Function Tiles by Droog Design

Function Tiles is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a tile system from 1997 by Droog Designers Peter van der Jagt, Erik-Jan Kwakkel, and Arnout Visser that makes the tiles work more functionally, thus the name “Function Tiles”. The concept is brilliant. That is, getting more out of your shower or bathroom with limited space. […]

Summer 2007 Shoe Collection Pierre Hardy

Pssst. Hey Shoe Fetishists. Here’s another shoe for the collection. Quite honestly, this is probably the most conservative shoe of Pierre Hardy’s 2007 collection. When I look at this shoe, my mind wanders into a stylized Jane Austin movie where there are lots of scenes of petticoats and steam trains, but for some reason the […]

Smoke Like a Chimney Ashtray by Andersson Frida and James Steiner

Smoke Like a Chimney is one of those one in a million ideas that inspire me to practice design. It’s a high concept ashtray made in white porcelain. Here’s the concept: the ashtray has a cover over where the cigarette is placed. This cover is an abstracted version of a human lung. When the cigarette […]

Voronoi Shelf by Marc Newson

This is one of those pieces that skirt between art and design. Marc Newson’s Voronoi Shelf looks simple enough at first glance, but after further inspection you may ask yourself: What is this thing made of? How about white Carrara Marble. I know what your thinking. I thought the same. How the F**k did Newson […]

The Vividus Bed by Hastens

I’ve been looking at Hastens beds for the past year or so ever since they started their latest media campaign in the design magazines. In this time frame, I’ve actually experienced one of these beds, and there is no doubt that they are unrivaled. Everything is wonderful about they way they feel. But when an […]

Speed Up by Sacha Lakic for RocheBobois

Sacha Lakic is probably more well known in Europe for his automobile design, however he does design just about anything and everything. Like tables for Roche Bobois, for instance. The Speed Up table, shown here, is one of several in a collection Mr. Lakic has recently designed for the company. It harkens back to the […]