Tengu: a USB Electronic Friend by Crispin Jones

Tengu is our happy USB friend! This little critter really doesn’t do much of anything except lip sync to the music coming out of your computer. This object, admittedly, is more crack than design. It doesn’t really do anything all that useful. It doesn’t even loo all that pretty. But, damnit, it’s cool. I dare […]

Dinner Set by Finding Cheska

Finding Cheska’s work really went over well last time I presented it. They produce a lung shaped ashtray that is artistic, refined, beautiful, and probably most importantly, ironic. However, the majority of Finding Cheska’s work does not hold such great irony. It’s just straight ahead beautiful. Like this dinner set. It consists of dinner plate, […]

Valextra White Leather Backpack

Something moving happened to me when I saw this bag by Valextra for the first time a few weeks ago. I was flipping through the pages of Wallpaper (I think) when I saw the advertisement showing this bag. Of course, the bag was perched on a rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It brought me back […]

Boom Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag is a prototype by Gro Design that combines two great accessories into an awesome final concept. It’s one part purse and one part portable iPod stereo. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?!…Hey, pass me that bong, dude” moments in product design. If you look at most portable iPod […]

Green Week: The Egg Plant by SMP

What could be greener than plants? Nothing. The Egg Plant by SMP brings a bit of “green” design into your home. It’s a simple concept: place a beautifully crafted ceramic egg into an overly designed recycled box. Place some seeds and dirt in the egg. Now, you’ve got something worth selling as long as you […]

Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale

I’m always on the hunt for items that are designed in such a way that you can’t quite tell what they are unless someone tells you. The Cone Speakers by Broberg Ridderstrale are one of these items. I mean, OK, sure there are wires coming out of the back of them, but the speakers lay […]

Molecule Condiment Plates by Voon Wong and Benson Saw

I have a couple of friends here in San Francisco who are serious foodies. Every couple of weeks my wife and I walk the three blocks to their house to partake in what might be called a food orgy. My friends call this dinner, but to me it’s way more opulent than that. The dinner […]

Eggshells by Pieke Bergmans

The work of Pieke Bergmans, a young Dutch designer, can best be described as organic. I here that term in the design world all the time, but I still quite don’t know what it means. So, here’s what it means to me: her version of organic is expressed in two different ways. First, Pieke’s works […]

Lung Ashtray by Finding Cheska

Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible that I’m able to feature two lung ashtrays in such a short period of time. The first lung ashtray I saw was by an extremely adept Italian design firm called industreal with their smoke like a chimney ashtray. Now, here I am with a lung ashtray by Finding Cheska. […]

The Carlos Night Light by Kathleen Walsh

There is not much to say about the Carlos Nightlight that probably already hasn’t been said. I’m imagining what designer Kathleen Walsh was thinking when she set forward on her journey to make a night light in the form of a Chihuahua with a cone around it’s head. My guess is it’s a tribute to […]