The Cocaine Ring by Lydia Courteille: The Closest Thing to Wearing Real Crack

I was recently rummaging through dozens of French design websites when I found this ring. I wish I spoke French because France has so many wonderful designers, but consistently French websites never translate any of their pages for an English audience. It’s fine if they don’t, I just wish I could read the French. Because […]

Just How Sexy Can a Lamp Be? The Moschino Dress Lamp Answers

Moschino, that clever Italian fashion house, is always jabbing a stick in the eye of what fashion should be. They are a creative lot that does not like to be tied down by any sense of tradition. One of their recent forays is in the realm of lighting design. They have taken a number of […]

Carrie on Bike by Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm is a company that finds and creates great Scandinavian design, and they’ve been doing so since 1992. They probably have dozens of designed products that I could easily show on this site, but I’d like to start with a bike basket called Carrie. This piece gets to me because, as a daily […]

Chord Light by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love, an exciting Swedish based design group, has come up with the cutest floor lamp. It reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon I saw years ago where Bugs was supposed to be somewhere in an exotic Casbah, and to disguise himself he became one of those snake charmers who sit with […]

Rocking Sheep by Povl Kjær

I’ve been looking at a lot of Danish design and craft lately, and while on my electronic journey of discovery, I came upon a new interpretation of a child’s rocking horse by Povl Kjær. He has dropped the valiant horse and gone for the plusher more comfortable Rocking Sheep. I really had nothing much to […]

WMF 1 Coffee Maker by WMF

I have found the perfect coffee maker for the coffee lover who is single and in need of everything in his or her life to look like an iPod. (I hate to judge, but that describes half of Silicon Valley!) Its called the WMF 1, which sounds a bit more like bowling machinery or a […]

The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel

If I feature two bird lamps on the site, does that make it a trend? Probably not, but I like bird lights, so there you are. The first one I featured was several months ago. It was called the Pigeon Light, and it was made by Qubus. It’s made in plastic, and I’ve seen it […]

W’Duck: A Restaurant Whose Mind Is In The Toilet

click to enlarge W’Duck is more than just a noise you make when you slip into a bath tub. It’s also a restaurant in Portugal that has boldly chosen their theme to be a huge bathroom. The restaurant owners did not chince out when they went for this theme, either. You want to eat dinner […]

Wheeler Stool by Charlie Davidson

The Wheeler Stool is a cute little product designed by Charlie Davidson. It’s one of those small jazzy pieces that caught my eye as I search through volumes of stuff that have been produced by mankind. Sometimes I wonder to myself how a piece such as this ever makes it to the site seeing that […]

Gandia Blasco Day Bed

The day bed by Gandia Blasco is something that I dream is owned by billionaire sultans with good taste. It reflects a lifestyle of year round beach weather on breezy North African coast. Inhabiting this furniture are sexy young things in white linen pants and skirts drinking mojitos to cool themselves off while the thump […]