Mixko: A World of Undiscoverd Similarities

Mixko, as their namesake indicates, is a  company that mixes multiple unlike things together to come up with completely new meanings. They look at an object like a whistle, for instance, and say, “Hey, if the scale of that whistle were multiplied in size by, like four hundred times, then that whistle would make a […]

The Origin Washstand by Nothing Design Group

The concept of  The Origin Washstand by Nothing Design Group kind of hits you over the head with a beautifully sculpted river rock with the strength of its metaphor. But as literal as its form is pulled from nature, there is no denying that being able to control a faucet with something as simple as […]

The Simple Light by Amoeba

Whew! Finally, I have just a moment to start telling people about the amazing products I saw at the 2008 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). Let’s start close to home with one of the Bernhardt Competition winners: The Simple Light. This light is so perfectly sculted and, and… simple… which may make it an instant […]

Benjamin Hubert Desk Acessories for Welmade

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your mother gave you a toy comprised of a board with various geometric holes in it along with a number of colored sqaures, stars and spheres? I remember this at least. It was a toy that teased your brain to fit the blocks in the right […]

BKLYN Designs: UM

I wanted to get this post out quickly because the BKLYN Designs Expo has just past, and yet I have not talked about the most prolific and possibly the most fun design collective: UM. Their work is just so damn clever. As my cop out, I’ll let them speak for themselves: At the core we […]

BKLYN Designs: Takeshi Miyakawa

Another great find from BKLYN Design: Takeshi Miyakawa. Why is this guy not a superstar designer? Good question. His pieces are clever, refined, simple, and extremely desireable. And maybe most important of all (at least for design stardom), Miyakawa’s work is iconic. His fractal 23 shelving just has this timeless feeling about it. And this cabinetry is […]

Pillowig by JooYoun Paek

JooYoun Paek may be one of the most innovative designers I’ve seen in a long time. Her project range from the practicle to the insane. But the thread that ties her projects together is each product solves very practical problems in garishly bold ways. There are so many ingenious products that this woman has made, […]

Coffin Couches

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture so perfect that it made you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven? If not then the coffin couch may be the perfect fit to bring you to eternal bliss. The coffin couch is a sofa full of beautiful details including handles and gorgeous legs. And […]

the beautiful game by GRO Design and Tim Modelmakers

You could say a lot about The Beautiful Game table soccer that just made its debut in Milan yesterday, but you could really keep the comment down to one. This is the most insanely beautiful table game. Enough Said. 11 – the beautiful game

The Iris Coffe Table by Michael Bihain

I recently covered a chair by Michael Bihain which I liked, but this piece I love. It feels like an instant classic. Why? First because it’s so simple. It is a single piece of plate steel or laser cut into shape and bent precisely into its final form resembling an iris. It’s iconic, easy to […]