kristine morich: Landscape Tableware

I saw Kritine’s work at the recent ICFF, and I loved these dished because they redefine the way we eat by simply experimenting with the form of the ancient bowl and plate. The sculptural manipulations suggest possibly picking up the a bowl rather than dipping into it (as an example). As well, the plateware accentuates […]

DecisionPaper by Paradoxy Products

I recently received an email from this company: Paradoxy Products.  I believe they were writing to make me aware of their chess set, but to be honest I only wanted to write about their DecisionPaper. What is it? It’s a note pad with a cut directly in the middle of the paper. What does it […]

Alright. I’ve fallen for it. The Swiss Army brand has moved into shoes and I’m in. The shoes, lead by Established Brands, have been expertly produced with the expected simplicity, ease of use, and signature red color that is important to give it that Swiss Army feel. I grew up owning a Swiss Army knife, […]

Paper Thin: A Bowl by Agata Nowak

Tear a piece of paper from your notebook. Crumple it up. Now begin to curve the piece of crumpled paper into the form of a vessel. What you get is a vague resemblance of what Paper Thin, a collection of ceramics by Agata Nowak, is all about. The amazing thing to me is a crumpled […]

Die Electric by Scott Amron

Scott Amron sent me a link to his Die Electric project months ago, and I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it and but somehow it was lost in the ether. Finally, I’m back on the case: Die Electric is a play on dialectic mixed with a little die and a […]

Blaue Blume Teacup by Undergrowth Design

I met the maker of the Blaue Blume Teacup at the 2008 ICFF, and I still have about one hundred of posts left to do covering the fabulous designers I met while at the show. This was one of my favorites. The design feature a baroque cup and saucer set in pure white porcelain. The […]

Bubblicious by D-Vision

D-vision very clearly ums up the beauty of their bowl the best: “A bowl comprised of varying volumes of spheres, to place fruit of different sizes, in a way that enables to position the object in a new equilibrium each time, due to the change in the center of gravity. ” How cute! An ever […]

Do Baby by Gabriele Pezzini

Within this past year several people I know including my wife had a baby. And for some strange reason 2 of the babies that I saw born this year (including my boy Lawrence) were photographed at one point in a tote bag. So it was some sort of fate that I was sent an email […]

Found Space Tiles by Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson, a Berlin based designer, has created an expertly crafted white tile that fits within the standard tile size that comprizes a typical shower stall. The tiles on their own create a miniature abstracted landscape. Add a nude body against the face of these special tiles and you have new ways to clean and […]

AnAtomic Factory: Milk Gone Bad

Anatomic Factory recently introduced their fantastic lamp series: Milk Gone Bad. WHen the light is off, this simple paper lamp looks like a generic, white milk carton. When the light is on, the carton transforms into a three dimensional canvas that Anatomic Factory has expertly printed with the brightly colored stylings of Bombo. Genius.:AnAtomic Factory: […]