Fuego Element Grill


  I work at an architecture firm called MKTHINK. We share offices with a design firm that has designed the Fuego gas grill, and I’ve been dying to give this grill a shout out. The element grill is amazing in that the designers have made the form factor so thin and light that this grill […]

Puma Container Store Next Step in the Mobile Shopping Evolution

The Puma Store is an inspiration to all architects out there with lots of time and energy and access to a supply of old shipping containers. I consider this store to be a sort of dialogue with some of the past stores Ive seen where the designers have stacked 6 units high by one wide. […]

Z-BAR High Power Red by Koncept

Z-bar is quickly becoming the lamp of choice by architects wanting to add a bit more style to their drawing board. I should know. I’ an architect and I have one at work. I ‘ve asked other architects. They too have purchased one. I think it goes over well because it’s “green” sleek, simple, and […]

Alright. I’ve fallen for it. The Swiss Army brand has moved into shoes and I’m in. The shoes, lead by Established Brands, have been expertly produced with the expected simplicity, ease of use, and signature red color that is important to give it that Swiss Army feel. I grew up owning a Swiss Army knife, […]

Perch Ergonomic Furniture for Primary Schools by Simon Dennehy

Perch, a furniture concept by Simon Dennehy, is one of those aha! ideas that you wonder why you have not seen this concept sooner. The Perch system is comprised of a table and a chair that have been expertly contoured to meet a massively lacking area of furniture design. There is an endless host of […]

Zigzag Coffee Table by Tsai Design for 66 Degrees

I wanted to give a quick shout out to my friends over at 66 degrees who have got exclusive distribution of a new table by African designers, Tsai Design. The table is due out this Thursday, and Hey, it’s not the iPhone, but it’s a damn nice design by one of South Africa’s more talented […]

BKLYN Designs: Vexell

This Sunday, I attended BKLYN Designs in the Dumbo Neighborhood of Brooklyn and was impressed with the level of craft by the offerings. Over the next few days, I hope to feature a few of the most exciting small companies I observed. Today, I’d like to mention Vexell. Vexell’s furniture, as was the case of […]

Tape Dispenser by J-Me

Like so many other products on DesignCrack.com, there is not much you need to say beyond your immediate visceral reaction to clever products such as this tape dispenser. Yep. It’s a tape dispenser in the form of that all important audio media device: the cassette tape. The design is so damn cute. And at twenty […]

OPA Red by Jorg and Olif

The other day, I was working away and my boss rides in on one of these bikes, the OPA Black by Jorg & Olif… or, at least I think it was one of these bikes. I was immediately in love and decided to write about it. For you cyclophiles out there you know this is […]

Light Plumbing by Claus Bjerre

Claus Bjerre creates a witty take on a candle holder. The holder, of course, mimics the form of some plumbing pipe with a valve. The valve, besides looking beautiful in its industrial simplicity, actually serves a purpose in that it is used as the handle for the candle, meaning you will never get hot wax […]