What shape would a tree be if man controlled nature?

This is a sweet little piece of design crack in which the London design duo, Draw Me a Sheep, takes an elemental piece of nature such as a tree trunk and asks, “Is nature really that good?”. In Bo-Young Jung and Emmanuel Wolf’s series, called Nature V2.01, they explore the forms of nature and whether […]

Samsonite Black Label Vintage Collection

I sometimes cover luggage. I’m just attracted to the architectural quality I guess. Ever since I covered a $20,000 suitcase designed by Frog Design as one of my very first posts, I’ve been on the hunt for the next ultimate case. This is not it. However, for $600 it is a darn good alternative. The […]

Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

Daniel Michalik is a Brooklyn based designer who explores the boundaries of unconventional materials. His focus is cork, though. Cork, as you probably know, is the bark that comes from a particular type of oak tree. The bark replaces itself every year and therefore can be sustainably harvested for use as stoppers in wine bottles, […]

Gola: My New Favorite Sneaker

I have no idea why I love this shoe. I just do. It has a bit of that franken-shoe look which has infected so many top brand design shops. This one takes on the two forms: The back of the shoe is late 90s Italian gigalo / amateur football player. The back of the shoe […]

Laaka Chair by lapalma

I’ve always been a big fan of bent plywood furniture. Like everyone who has my disease, I own an Eames Lounge Chair (knock off). Actually, I got the Eames chair on Craigslist for a hundred bucks. I hope that’s made all of you sufficiently jealous, so on to the Laaka Chair by La Palma! Now, […]

Hogan Men’s Shoes 2007

Hogan Shoes are one of the few shoe designs that seem to have bridged the gap between sporty walking shoe and semi-formalish work shoe. OK, maybe they fall a bit more on the sporty tip, but if you must, drop a line to your boss that your Hogans probably cost as much as his stuffy […]

Brand Crack: Louis Vuitton Caviar Box in Taiga Leather

And now for something completely opulent. I’ve never featured anything from Louis Vuitton until recently when I made light of the $42,000 patchwork handbag. After that product, I decided to thumb through LV’s website to really get a full picture of everything they produce… or at least put their brand on. After I sifted through […]

Home Theater in a Trunk by Pinel and Pinel

Fred Pinel has only been creating his gorgeous leather trunks for the past 5 years or so, but the trunks have this old world richness to them which made me think that Pinel & Pinel had been around as long as Paris fashion had been big. Turns out Fred Pinel is about my age, and […]

Four Flower Vase by Matti Klenell

I was Reading Matti Klenell’s impression of her own creation, the Four Flower Vase, and I was thinking that her impression did not do much for me to describe the beauty of this piece. She said something like glass has two great characteristics: transparency and seductiveness, and that she played on those themes. Hmm… If […]

Spring-Summer 2007 Collection by Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell  gives me hope for my ability to be a man in casual and graceful clothing that don’t involve one of maybe four brands. There are just not that many designs available for guys out there. O maybe I’m just a picky bitch. Probably the latter. Regardless, I like Mr. Ervell’s collection. It makes […]