Claim(p) by Maya Goldblum

I have been cordially invited by 2Modern to do a weekly guest blog which I’m extremely excited about. As I was reviewing the posts in this blog trying to find what my niche might be, I was blown away by the the depth and diversity of the blog. I find Design Crack similar in nature […]

Blue Pyramid Bracelet by Mark Jacobs: Ethereal Superchunky

Have you ever wanted to wear something that looked like it came from an ancient alien civilization?  Your only choices in the past were pretty much either a Halloween costume store, where most of the items are made from some Chinese rubber that smells as if you wore it too long you might get cancer […]

Fall / Winter 2007 Collection by Mina Perhonen

Mina Perhonen is a Finnish Designer working in Japan. Her work is characterized by empire dresses with flowing waists, huge, bold buttons, neutrals mixed with a few earthy cool colors, and softness. I’ve chosen to show a picture of the softest of the soft pieces. It’s sort of a hoodie mixed with a cardigan made […]

The 23/6 Mobile PC by Antenna Design for Fujitsu

This is a prototype design from a firm called Antenna Design for a new type of laptop. It’s basically made of three leaves that fold together to create a much smaller area than the current laptops, but the advantage to this design is the user would have a full size keyboard, which I love. Antenna, […]

Frankentable: A Multileg Cabinet by Jaime Hayon

A lot of my friends have told me that they have loved my blog, however I rarely get comments on the blog unless I write something that’s not flattering. Take the Celebrity Smell Off, for instance. I referred to Britney’s perfume as being perfect for teenage slut. That got some comments. I also wrote an […]

The Record Bowl by TimeSurvivors

Yesterday, a guy from the Netherlands left a comment on my blog announcing that he had this vase that I had profiled a while back for sale on his site. The piece he pointed out to me was this fabulous Tulip vase by Lotte van Laatum which sells for about $140. So, I went to […]

The Vividus Bed by Hastens

I’ve been looking at Hastens beds for the past year or so ever since they started their latest media campaign in the design magazines. In this time frame, I’ve actually experienced one of these beds, and there is no doubt that they are unrivaled. Everything is wonderful about they way they feel. But when an […]

Obelisk by Dedon

The Obelisk collection by Dedon is a piece I’m in love with for nostalgic reasons. When I was a kid, my parents took me to many different seaside resorts in Mexico and in Europe. I would spend my days swimming, playing games, eating, and sitting in a woven chair very similar to the Obelisk. All […]

ID 40 2006: Hung Table by doha chebib of Loyal Loot

Over the next week or two, I will include some of my favorite designers from ID Magazine’s “ID 40” list of top designers of 2006. It’s a pretty amazing list, so I urge you to pick up a copy of this magazine. Loyal Loot is a Canadian collective of women designers one of which is […]

Bottle by Hapo

Hapo is a glassware design firm that lives by a simple mantra: make glassware that is simple, comfortable, and calming as the design firm’s island home of Okinawa. The bottle Hapo has designed obviously captures this. It’s a warm tropical breeze. It’s Jimmy Buffet in glass. It’s not super stodgy.