Desk by Janua

Desk by Janua

  Janua is a furniture brand I’ve never known until I started exploring this year’s IMM Cologne which happened this week. The collection is quite hard to pin down. Every piece feels familiar, but different. Every piece feels as light as air but also substantially hefty. I don’t know where to place the brand in […]

InModern Linear Bookcase – Slate Finish

InModern Linear Bookcase – Slate Finish InModern designs and manufactures real wood modern furniture and furnishings which assemble and disassemble quickly and easily without any tools or hardware. Their furnishings are made from 100% renewable FSC Certified Smart Wood®, and are available in eco-friendly, UV finishes. All pieces are shipped flat to conserve packaging and […]

Glue Jeans: A Fashion Idea That Really Sticks

Glue Jeans get rid of the traditional threaded seam and go stright for the glue, which in this age means that you probably will have a much more robust and longer lasting seam. Beyond the quality of the seam, they also come in a variety of colors. The only criticism is the name: glue jeans […]

Waldo/45 Table and Benches by James Burleigh

I was eating an everlasting gobbstopper today. Maybe you remember this candy? It is a candy that has a beautiful, shiny candy coating and within the coating are the multicolored strata of candy goodness. I’m not sure why, exactly, but the Waldo/45 table by James Burleigh when I saw it immediately transported me to 9am […]

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks was one of the highlights of ICFF for me. I’m a sucker for contemporary glass design, and this work surpassed all others in my opinion. Each piece in Tubes is hand blown and finished, and each piece has its own character and hue. When all pieces are assembled to make a […]

New York Delft Plate Set by Lovegrove and Repucci

Are you a hardcore graf artist who has made it big in New York and now want to enjoy the finer things in life? Now, Areaware has created a series of plateware for you! The finest of Delft china combine with the heavy old skool stylez of the streets of New York to make the […]

Cabinet Chair by Ontwerpers

Ontwerpers, the Dutch Design Duo of Christiaan N.J. Oppewal and Silvijn van der Velden, have created a fantastic chair and shelving combination. This chair is for the serious writer out there. Here’s how I think the chair is most optimally used with the professional author or journalist in mind: First, choose all of the books […]

Balancing Bowls from Royal VKB: Stupidly Simple Measuring Device

I am in love with this product! These are the unbelievably simple measuring devices by Royal VKB called Balancing Bowls. Royal VKB, by the way, is a young Dutch kitchenware firm with a vast stable of talented designers. Their work really creates new rules for how you can eat serve and make food. It’s quite […]

G-STAR RAW: Denim as Couture

I included G-STAR RAW to the Crack List simply because I’ve never seen denim treated so expertly. Where I live in San Francisco there are only two ways recognized as fashionable for denim: there is the teenage hip-hop style of wearing jeans around your ankles (how can you run from police with your jeans like […]

In the Market for a Yacht? Look No Further than the Wally Power 118

I’ve been trying to spend more and more time looking at things that are in the unattainable category simply because its so damn fun to imagine me and all my friends and family enjoying whatever the incredibly expensive item is, and basking in the glory of its opulence. Quite frankly, nothing has piqued my imagination […]