The Toyota Century

Have you ever wanted to feel like an important character in a 1960s Godzilla film? Maybe you don’t know why the hell I’m asking this question. But some of you are saying “Hell yes!”. I know I would have loved to live this life. It would involve me wearing square horned rimmed glasses ala Run […]

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

Muji, as hopefully you already know, is the queen bee of super simple but cool Japanese product design. It’s an Ikea for Japan. I first became aware of their work from a friend of mine who was in Paris and stopped in to the Muji store there. He picked me up a white T-shirt that […]

Holy Shit: An iPod Fit for a Priest

Are you a hipster priest who wants to buy an iPod, but are feeling guilty about your earthly desires? Fret not. Your savior device has arrived in the form of a crucifix iPod. Soon, you will be able to rock out and perform exorcisms with the same object. Man Works Design, an extremely adept Russian […]

Pandora and Egg by HE and Marcel Wanders

There are a bunch of products I’ve featured by Marcel Wanders in the past. There’s the Microwave with the TV in the door. Then there was the City System Shelving for Mooi. All, beautiful stuff. But this is the first design that I could actually use in my home and could afford to buy. Well […]

Matrix LED Watch by Element Design

Element Design, a Vienna Based Duo established in 2002, has created one of the only watches I’ve really desired in years. The watch is called the Matrix and it’s designed for Zeon, the top manufacturer of retro styled LED watches. I’m attracted to the Matrix LED watch for its simplicity. It’s just a leather band […]

Prada i-Phone by LG

When I see the Prada Phone it makes me sometimes wish that I had started a gadget blog, and I really knew my stuff and was super popular. Why? Well then I would somehow convince LG to give me one of these awesome phones! At least they look awesome… and they say Prada on it […]

Cover Tiles by Studio JSPR

The picture I’ve included does not really do this product justice. What Studio JSPR has created is a shower that reveals all its working parts through the shape of the tile. In fact, the controls of the shower and the shower heads are integrated into the ceramic tiles. I have mixed reactions about this system. […]

Stiletto by Alexander McQueen

This shoe from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2007 collection is the most graceful interpretations of where sneaker meets stiletto that I have seen. I can’t even really trace when or where the trend started happening, but none of that matters anymore since this shoe became available. The shoe is even more of an amalgamation of sneaker […]

Tire Lounge Chair by Millegomme Collective

The Lounge Chair by the Millegomme (Italian for ‘thousand chairs) Collective is just one of dozens of fascinating creations fade out of old tires. The way Millegomme works is to bring social awareness to the problem of used tires by staging events throughout the world where they gather communities together to make useful objects out […]

Solar Audiobag by Tonylight

Tonylight is an Italian designer who came to my attention through a light fixture he designed that was featured in Wallpaper Magazine. So, of course, I was thinking here’s a refined designer. You know, black turtleneck an all that. But when I checked out his website what I got was a number of hacker art […]