Carafe Jacket by Eva Solo

It’s very rare that I look at a product and just say to myself “Awwww, you are so cute!”, but I must admit that I did this when I saw the carafe and jacket by Eva Solo. The object is a simple glass carafe that is quite wide at the base and tapers up. Surrounding […]

G-STAR RAW: Denim as Couture

I included G-STAR RAW to the Crack List simply because I’ve never seen denim treated so expertly. Where I live in San Francisco there are only two ways recognized as fashionable for denim: there is the teenage hip-hop style of wearing jeans around your ankles (how can you run from police with your jeans like […]

Dior rekindles a Japanese flair with their Samourai 1947 handbag

This bag is soooo old news. However, The Dior Samourai 1947 handbag is still one of my favorites even though Dior has probably gone on to market bigger and better pieces. This handmade gem by Dior is nothing less than a work of art. The handbag comes in a variety of colors, but I like […]

The P’9521 Mobile Phone from Porsche Design

I have not tried this phone out, so I cannot speak of the P’9521 by Porsche Design’s usability just yet, but I can say that they have some seriously stiff competition from the iPhone. What I can say that makes this phone unique is the designers’ decision to carve the phone out of a single […]

The Flamenco Chair

Here is an item that I think breached a curatorial focus in me, and I’ve decided to show it anyway. It does not seem terribly innovative. It’s not particularly clever. It doesn’t use materials in a striking and unexpected way. Really, the only reason I have shown this chair, the Flamenco Chair, is because I […]

In the Market for a Yacht? Look No Further than the Wally Power 118

I’ve been trying to spend more and more time looking at things that are in the unattainable category simply because its so damn fun to imagine me and all my friends and family enjoying whatever the incredibly expensive item is, and basking in the glory of its opulence. Quite frankly, nothing has piqued my imagination […]

When a Chair Becomes a Light

This post comes via Moco Loco. It’s a baroque chair re-purposed as a piece of neon art. The chair is striking, straightforward, iconic, classic, and fresh at the same time. The designer Lee Broom, is a baby faced kid, with a big career ahead of him. I’m excited to see what happens next. BTW, Mr. […]

Eyeglasses by Sara Eliris for Mikli

Mikli is a glasses company that is not afraid to let their designers experiment. I have chosen to show probably the most conservative piece in their stable of designs. This pair I’m showing above is unique in that it’s clear plastic, but the shape is still defined by the black inlay. I could not find […]

The Ooba Bassinet Makes Me Want to Make Babies

One thing I’ve been seriously wanting to do is give a shout out for my awesome sponsor, They are my dream sponsor because it is so easy and fun to talk about their products and mean every word I say. So today, I dip into the bag of 2Modern goodies to find some serious […]

Burberry offers an extremely exciting fall winter 07/08 collection

I’ve increasingly been looking at fashion lately, and call me conservative: I love the Burberry collection for this upcoming season. Burberry, as you may know, was a brand that only catered to preppy Hampton sows for years and years. It ranked up there with Ralph Lauren in yawn factor. Today, Burberry has reinvented itself by […]