Cities Wall Decoration Collection by Granada Design

Granada Design has created a collection of inexpensive wall art that give props to your favorite internationally loved cities. Of course, my city by the bay, San Francisco, has not made the initial collection which is not doing much for me. But outside of personal prejudices, this simple wall art is striking, fun, thoughtful typographical […]

Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

The first time I saw the Blow Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen for HAY, I thought they called it the Blow Lounge Chair because this chair was so sexy that brothels would be ordering this for certain lude acts implied in the name. Of course, my dirty mind completely overlooked that this chair, in […]

Rugs from The Nought Collective

I’ve falen in love with these rugs. They accomplish two things that I hold sacred in well designed housewares: First, their designs are abstract to the point of challenging the owner but not so obtuse as to detract from the other furniture in the room. Second, these rugs are made with honest, hard work by […]

Bomb USB Storage

The Bomb USB Storage by Joel Escalona is a clever take on those bombs you only see in old cartoons. The metaphor of the bomb is kind of funny.Although a USB cord vaguely resembles a fuse, bomb is about the last thing that I would want my computer to do. In fact, didn’t  the old […]

Cityplates by not Neutral

Cityplates by NotNeutral are old news in the hyper acute world of cool trends being exploded into the blog ether at a mile a minute. But I haven’t written about them and maybe that’s what matters most to me, art least. The graphic nature of the map is so eye popping as to attract every […]

Stool Wraps by Arik Levy: An idea for the space challenged magazine readers

Arik Levy has created a design that takes recycling to new levels while also creating an opportunity for those magazine hoarders out there to remain fashionably clutter free and still keep their magazines. We all know these people. Usually they are older single people who have saved every magazine for the past forty years because […]

The Smile Chair by Andreu World Might be the Most Elegant Stackable Chair Made

A week or so ago, I made reference to the Mosquito chair being the best stackable chair of all time, but since then I’ve changed my mind. That title goes to the Smile Chair by Andreu World. Andreu World is a well established contemporary furniture maker based in Spain who has been making fine tables […]

Tempura LED spotlight by Zumtobel

What would you look for in the perfect museum spotlight? Well, first the color rendering would be impeccable. In fact, it would be nice if a museum curator could dial in his or her ideal color for the light. The light would also be quite small and inconspicuous while looking beautiful. The light would not […]

Gorenje Refrigerator With Swarovski Crystals: The Agelina Jolie of Kitchen Appliances

This may be one of the flashiest, most insanely gorgeous, and at the same time functional gadgets I have ever seen. A Few minutes after I spent time with this refrigerator, I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie. When I think of Angelina, (we’re on a first name basis, you know) I think of beauty, I […]

Bell & Ross Watches’ Subtle Boxiness Wows

This past weekend, The New York Times had an advertising supplemental that was a slick magazine devoted to the watch, a dying breed of product design. Probably my favorite of the watches was the Bell & Ross BR01-97. It is, quite frankly, one of the ugliest watches I have ever seen, but there is no […]