Cardboardesigns – Recycled Cardboard Furniture

I used to have a friend in college who had no money to speak of. How did he decorate his apartment? With cardboard furniture. At the time, this seemed strange to me. Then, I realized after sitting on this furniture on many occasions, that cardboard as furniture or houseware is light, compact, easy to move, relatively durable and cheap. Cardboard has come a long way as a design material as well. Case in point: I first ran in to this group in a small storefront in Soho, NY. I was immediately impressed. Their range goes from furniture to an amorphous set of designs they call liquid cardboard. Now if only they could make a cardboard automobile. They could call it Car-dboard.

Liquid Cardboard, a cardboard vase.

Cardboardesigns – Ecologically Sound Recycled Cardboard Furniture.

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