Bretz Sofas: Possibly the Ugliest Sofas Ever Made

Cloud Seven by Bretz Sofas

Lucky by Bretz Sofas

The website for Bretz Sofas is, and, quite honestly, you would probably need to be in a cult to own one of these pieces of furniture. Because only someone who has been brainwashed would pay thousands of dollars to buy a Bretz Sofa. They are truly the ugliest sofas I have ever seen, and I challenge each of you to show me an uglier sofa. When a company makes something this ugly, I need an explanation, so I went for a read of their mission statement:

BRETZ Couture aspires to capture the soul of haute couture of the international catwalks and bring it to your home. With a wealth of facets which make dreams reality. Be swept away by the joy of intoxicating colours and shapes. Experience warmth and comfort; stylishness and high quality. Enjoy the glamour of BRETZ Couture with all your senses because: Bretz: Design is born in the heart. For the heart.

I’ve been following couture fashion for a while now, and I’m thinking to myself, when did the scary prostitute look come in to vogue? I don’t see these sofas following the likes of Valentino or Prada. I’ve even had a cursory look at what I thought might be their clothing counterpart, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and even this brand has managed to refine their look well beyond a Tim Burton Film. Still give credit where it’s due. The sofa is an achievement of some sorts, and I commend the company for sticking to their vision no matter how ugly that vision may be.

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