Brand Crack: With Love. Hillary Duff

With Love Hillary Duff

From Sephora’s Website: “With Love�Hilary Duff is an expression of love in all its forms and dimensions: the unconditional love of family, the generosity of friendship, and the breathtaking excitement of romance. Exotic fruits add an intriguing sparkle to the rich woods and sultry ambers of this effervescent, oriental fragrance.”

OK. I really want to hate this product. Something makes my blood boil when actresses go off and make a perfume with no real knowledge of the craft whatsoever. Even the copy (quoted above) makes me want to wretch. But… I checked out a bottle of the stuff, and I must say it’s not garbage. The scent kind of spicy, but pleasant. The bottle and packaging aren’t innovative, but they are austere (which I didn’t expect). I would give this perfume a go if I were a Disney loving young woman with an obsession for child actors. In other words, there is a huge market for this perfume.

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