Bracelet by Pinel and Pinel

Braclet by Pinel and Pinel

Frederic Pinel has brought us many different fantastic products from his Paris design studio, the latest of which is the current special issue bracelet. His mode of operation, if I’m not mistaken, is to take to the streets to see what the youngsters are doing, and then re-interpret a piece for his collection. His recent observations have resulted in a crocodile shelled bracelet with an intensely colored interior leather and accented by pearls and stainless steel beads. Now, I’m assuming that the croc skin is mister Pinel’s own interpretation of youth culture because I can’t see too many poor, artsy street kids having croc fit within their fashion budget, but the augmentation with the pearls and beads is dead-on hipster.

Possibly more exciting than the croc skin bracelet, though, is Pinel & Pinel’s skate skin bracelet. The skate is not just a shoe with wheels. The skate is also a really ugly sea creature with an absolutely beautiful skin. I will let you explore Pinel’s website to find this. But, you will not be disappointed in the search. When you find this bracelet, you will see an almost unworldly piece of fashion, and a future heir loom. It’s that nice, I swear.

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