Boom Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag: iPod Speaker in a Bag by GRO Design

Boom Bag is a prototype by Gro Design that combines two great accessories into an awesome final concept. It’s one part purse and one part portable iPod stereo. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?!…Hey, pass me that bong, dude” moments in product design. If you look at most portable iPod stereos, what are they lacking? Portability! Most stereos do not have a proper protective case or a convenient way to carry around the speakers. This product has the speakers built into the bag. Another item lacking in most portable iPod stereos is a flexible place to dock your iPod. This bag simply lets you put the iPod where ever you want it, no problem. This bag setup also cuts out carrying one more bag as your purse (or murse for you men) since the stereo is the purse. Beyond the convenience of the system, the Boom Bag, i feel, is aesthetically pleasing. It’s clean lines and solid looking construction are winners with me.

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