BKLYN Designs: Vexell

BK/C1 Chair by Vexell

This Sunday, I attended BKLYN Designs in the Dumbo Neighborhood of Brooklyn and was impressed with the level of craft by the offerings. Over the next few days, I hope to feature a few of the most exciting small companies I observed.

Today, I’d like to mention Vexell. Vexell’s furniture, as was the case of many of the exhibitors, is predomintated by exquisite metal fabrication juxtaposed with fine wood joinery. Their work is quite modern and yet not cold as you might see in sleek European furniture companies. Probably my favorite pieces they exhibited were from the BK series which brings together hand tooled steel bars with the rish red color of padauk. They also make fabulous chairs cut from single sheets of steel as well. But I really don’t do their work justice given that I’ve got fifteen posts I’d like to do today, so definitely check them out at Vexell.com.

Sheet C Chair by Vexell

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