Balancing Bowls from Royal VKB: Stupidly Simple Measuring Device

Balancing Bowls from Royal VKB

I am in love with this product! These are the unbelievably simple measuring devices by Royal VKB called Balancing Bowls. Royal VKB, by the way, is a young Dutch kitchenware firm with a vast stable of talented designers. Their work really creates new rules for how you can eat serve and make food. It’s quite exciting. The Balancing Bowls are a colorful alternative to using measuring cups and spoons. So what do these bowls do that’s so cool? They have two cups. One cup is weighted so that the cup sits firmly on the table while the other cup is raised in the air. Pour your ingredients into the raised cup, and when the cup lowers to touch the table you know you have the right amount of ingredients. What a beautifully simple concept. The bolds seventies blues, greens, and browns are also quite attractive colors for the bowls. I should say that before you run out and buy the Balancing Bowls it’s quite common in Europe to measure things for cooking by their mass rather than their volume like we do here in America, so these Bowls don’t do us much good.

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