AU 2011: Perceptive Pixel’s 82" Multi-Touch Monster Display

Every year at the Autodesk University Exhibit Hall we see at least one piece of technology that blows us away. This year's socks-knocker-offer was Perceptive Pixel's 82" Multi-Touch Display, which was frequently mobbed and saw company founder Jeff Han endlessly being forced to provide demo after demo to enthusiastic crowds. (There were 8,000 attendees, so you do the math.) The display, by the way, is so large that we swear the tireless Han started getting a tan by the third day. What's different about this new version of Perceptive Pixel's display is that it combines Multi-Touch with stylus-reading capacity, making this an industrial designer's dream come true. Check it out: Stay tuned for coverage of Perceptive Pixel's desktop unit. (more…)

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