Armani Casa: Classic Big Brand Design Perfection

armani casa omega bed

I’ve made it a point to cover big, chunky fantastically fashionable brands over the next few weeks, and today is one of my favorites: Armani Casa. Armani Casa is like the stage set for a highly stylized 1940s noir film with a good budget. Each piece evokes one of two feelings in me. Armani Casa is the ultimate in off the shelf luxury hotel dressings, or Armani Casa makes me want to wear expensive suits and lose 40 pounds so I can have my picture take with this furniture in a respectable manner.

I’ve included three pieces by Armani Casa that I love: the Omega Bed, the Essen Vase, and the Talvin 1 Desk Set. Each piece has it’s own individual character, but together exude extreme brand clarity and synchronicity. All three pieces, as the hundreds of others, just seem to work well with each other. Each piece also has this modernist yet hand hewn historicist quality creating one of the most consistent collections of products I know of. Job well done.

Armani Casa Essen Vase

Armani Casa Talvin 1 Desk Set

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