Another Boring Post: Our First Contest Winner!

Matchbook by Tobias Wong

A huge thanks to all those who signed up for the newsletter. As you may or may not know, for every 50 people that sign up for the email newsletter I choose one of the subscribers at random to win a prize. I contacted our first winner a couple of weeks ago, and this was her reaction:

“Did I really win???

Well my goodness-

I have never won a thing- except a cakewalk in second grade.

I am excited to receive the New York City Matchbook designed by Tobias Wong.

You may send it to the address below-

Thank you! Thank you!”

We are almost about to reach our next 50 subscribers for the newsletter, so a new winner should be announced shortly. Unfortunately, I may not be giving out any more matchbooks because, as I found out in the June issue of ID Magazine, the company that has been manufacturing this product has been doing so without the consent of the artist, Tobias Wong! Apparently, the original art pieces were given out at a posh New York restaurant named Florint (I think) then later sold in a limited edition for $911 each. So until this mess is cleared up, I’m going to pick a couple more prizes until we can give away the grand prize at 500 subscribers (see here).

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