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Adopt one of my babies today!

Were you thinking of starting a blog but were afraid that it would be a huge waste of time? Maybe you just want to write. Well, now is your opportunity to adopt a blog! All you do is write, rant, and make a little money on the side doing it. I maintain the blog, build traffic, find advertisers, add features and try to keep the blog fun and readable.

Some background about the Design Crack Blog Adoption Agency

I’m looking for an individual or group of individuals that would be willing to take over one of my orphaned blog projects. Every time I come up with an idea for a blog, I register a domain name. Usually, I let a domain expire after one year, but if the idea seems like a winner, I keep the domain name even if I’m not going to use it. What’s sad is I’ve started numerous projects that need care and compassion from someone more than myself.

How does the adoption work?

This will be worked out between the person or people adopting a blog and myself, but a general 50/50 split of advertising revenue would be the standard agreement. I’m fair, though, so if you work really hard to make the adopted blog succeed, I would adjust the split to whatever the adopter thought was appropriate. The only thing I would stipulate is that the general theme of the website stay the same for the niche subject. In other words, a personal blog about yourself wouldn’t cut it. If you are at all interested, email me at, and we’ll talk.

What blogs are available for adoption?

There are several:– A place to bring together people’s favorite top ten lists. Top ten lists are fun to read, often helpful, and many times strange. This blog would aggregate top ten lists from around the internet and bring them to one place. There is zero traffic. I have a blog in place, but it needs some serious TLC.

Letters From Nigeria– A blog that I started to collect all the greatest spam emails I’ve received over the years. Some of the stories these spammer send me are so over the top! It’s a fun project, but there is not much revenue potential. It gets some traffic, but it basically could start from scratch.– I heard someone say this phrase at SXSW: “Is that a banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”. I bought the domain name shortly after. I have no real theme for this except maybe as a repository of pictures features guys with curious bulges. Revenue potential is questionable.– I thought this might be a repository for new dot com economy with an emphasis on snarky watercooler gossip. I have not even set this domain up, and I have no idea what the revenue potential is.

The Foodie Guide– This project is not necessarily an orphan. This blog will focus on local guides to food, wine, and cooking. There is tremendous upside potential for revenue here. I’m working diligently on getting a working site up that I like. This project needs writers, but essentially, this project will be mostly my baby. I see a great future for– Anyone who is interested in the Mashup Culture might want to take a crack at this site. I envision this site as a place to explore mashups as a new paradigm in technology. I wanted to take a look at how people use mashups, and I wanted to explore tools and techniques for making my own mashups. The site, I think, has good potential to make some revenue given the right author.– The theme is simple- a place for one person to hate on everything. Everybody hates a hater, so I thought it would be fun to create a blog where I just hate on even the most innocent of victims: people in wheelchairs, kittens, and Gandhi… of course politicians and celebrities would also feel my hatred. There is tremendous revenue upside because people love to hate haters. Could you be the hater? I’m afraid a few scathing example posts would be required to adopt this blog.

You Rule Us

YouRule.Us– I conceived of this as a blog where I feature political videos posted on You Tube. The idea is to simply curate the glut of political videos on You Tube in such a way to make it easier and more useful for people to get good information…. the other concept was to create a game where the audience rules the bloggers by voting on what the blogger is to do that day, thus “You Rule Us”. No Traffic. It’s ugly in there.

Bitter Cyclist– I place for cyclists to rant. This was my first blog ever. It had a really good following for about a year and then it got hacked. I lost steam for the project after that. Can someone give this project some TLC?

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  1. Krisztina says:

    Hiya! Any of these still up for adoption by any chance at all?