A visual exploration of TED’s 2012 Design Salon

Adour Main Dining Room designed by The Rockwell Group

David Rockwell and Chee Pearlman are co-curating ‘The Design Studio’ a session at this year’s TED conference in Long Beach. They Have an insanely talented and well known group of participants in the salon. The participants include:

  • Chip Kidd, Creative Director of Knopf
  • Liz Diller,Diller Scofidio + Renfro
  • David Kelley, Founder of IDEO and Stanford’s d.school
  • Thomas Campbell, Director at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • John Hockenberry, Journalist, author and host of WNYC-FM’s The Takeaway
  • John Hodgman, author and “Resident Expert” on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show

The group David and Chee have brought together represent an area of design who’s theme might be that they are undefinable by any particular genre. None of these participants, with the exception of John Hodgman, have been known for their iconic work. Rather, they are known for exploring a specific point of view dependent entirely upon the situation at hand and making a solution unique to the problem at hand. From Kidd and Diller to Kelley and Rockwell, their work is a near reinvention of design based on their core principals rather than a visual thread. That said, this group of participants have produced some visually stunning work, and I’ve decided to present a few visual cues into the minds of these designers.

David Sedaris book cover by Chip Kidd

ICA Boston by Diller Scofidio Renfro


Faraday Work Bike by David Kelley's IDEO and Rock Lobster


John Hodgman by John Hodgman

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