A Smarter Sink Trap

a clear clog-free sink trap

Clearly a better sink trap design – Core77.

“Another Sign that the Construction Industry is Behind the Times” was my original article name, but it was a bit too long. Why would I say this? As an architect who has spent a great deal of time in the field trying to save my client money, I see construction DUH! moments all the time. Another duh moment is when I saw this invention recently at Core 77. This invention above which is a clear sink trap that will never clog and will always let you know where that lost ring went is a sign that for years a simple solution to a major problem awaited. This new invetion will save homeowners millions over the years for a very small initial cost today.

Out at architecture sites, I see this on a daily basis and wonder why more contractors are not entrepreneurs when they see how much time they waste doing certain tedious jobs. Take interior painting for instance. I’ve worked on architecture projects where every single corner of a room is taped with plastic just to paint the frames of the doors. This whole process must have taken hours to tape not to mention all of this plastic will be tossed in the garbage. How about a frame to contain overspray? How about more pre-painting? Seriously, there are thousands of inventions just awaiting the designer’s eye out onthe construction site. IDEO, if you’re out there, I know Medical devices are lucrative, but all aspects of the construction industry are in need of a serious overhaul. Help!

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