A shout out to all the stumblers

Hi All,

I really hope you enjoy my in-depth search for the most thought provoking designs I can find. I have probably more than 100 products with reviews still in the works and hundreds more that I’ve spied at design conventions or in the magazines. I am absolutely amazed by the depth of design sense on some products as well as the heights of brand opulence on others. I can’t wait to crank out more and more interesting design finds.

I also want to send a shout out to the stumbler community which I have found has incredible depth of knowledge on so many subjects. In particular, I want to send a shout out to Urbanespaces at www.urbanespaces.com who sent a very nice note. Urbane spaces is a realtor that specializes in high-design properties in Singapore. The website is exceptioanlly progressive, and the concept is quite interesting.

Finally, please send any ideas to me as to what you’d like to see at this site. My focus is on highly designed objects that can actually be purchased, so I was thinking about building a google map of the world’s best product design showcases. Another idea I’ve run through my head is to create a design matrix that makes it really easy to see all the products, categories, and prices. I thought this might be useful for people searching for unique gifts. All feedback is highly important to me.

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